Standards and Standardization

ISO standard preparation process

In ISO, the process is somewhat different than in CEN:

- Three-phase voting, first Committee Draft (ISO/CD), then Draft International Standard (ISO/DIS) and finally Final Draft International Standard (ISO/FDIS).

- Only those countries who have registered as active members ("P-members") for the relevant TC are allowed to vote.

- Each P-member has one vote. At the final voting, at least 75% of the votes must be positive.

- Adoption of ISO standards as national standards is completely voluntary.

For more information see Developing ISO standards.


"EN ISO" standards

A standard originally prepared by an ISO TC can be adopted, without changing its contents, as European Standard – or ISO can adopt a European Standard as an International Standard as well. In both cases the standard becomes and EN ISO standard, as well as in those cases in which a completely new standard is prepared under the Vienna Agreement.


Elaboration of standards in parallel under the Vienna Agreement