Nearly Zero Energy building design and performance

Date: Sunday May 22, 2016
Time: 12:30–15:30

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Course Summary:
Nearly Zero Energy Building construction and renovation require a huge contribution from the building sector and is a challenge for the construction industry. A successful design and construction process towards nZEB requires innovative design processes and technologies based on an integrated design approach and multi-disciplinary work teams.
This course explores some specific aspects related to of nZEB design and performance, high performing HVAC systems, as well as the new skills and interdisciplinary design approach needed from professionals involved in nZEB construction and renovation.

Recommended Reference:
Report no.4: REHVA nZEB technical definition and system boundaries for nearly zero energy buildings (included in the price)

Peter Op't Veld, Senior Consultant, Huygen Installatie Adviseurs
Jarek Kurnitski, Prof. Dr. Eng., Tallinn University of Technology / Aalto University
Jos Bijman, Ing. J.N.M., Education Coordinator trainer, TVVL Dutch Society of Building Services