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12th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Natural Working Fluids Conference

21-24 August, 2016
Edinburgh, Scotland

The Institute of Refrigeration has issued a call for papers for the 12th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Natural Working Fluids Conference. This major conference will take place at Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th August 2016.

The conference will attract an international audience of researchers and industrialists and will address critical issues for our future. It will allow researchers, innovators, early adopters, experienced practitioners and those facing new challenges for the first time to share knowledge and recent advances. 

The conference programmes will feature three themes:

Natural Working Fluids will bring together those with an interest in natural refrigerants including ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons, air and water. It will explore topics such as component development, overcoming barriers, heat transfer and fluid flow, improved efficiency of supermarket technologies, replacing existing systems and extending natural working fluids to new applications.

Sustainability in Natural Working Fluids will focus on environmental issues and innovation. Worldwide, the use of natural refrigerants is becoming more common. Many initial technical issues have been addressed but new challenges still remain – include understanding total cost of ownership and comparing environmental impact of the different solutions. This theme will also explore options for heat recovery, CHP, trigeneration, effective use of heat pumps, using natural resources and passive cooling.

Alternative Cycles will explore non-conventional refrigeration systems such as secondary coolants, ice slurries, sorption systems and evaporative cooling.

Key note speakers addressing the conference will be:

Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency in the USA, Alexander von Bismarck. Alexander will look at where the domestic, industrial and commercial refrigeration sectors are on the road to the adoption of environmentally benign refrigerants. His talk will focus on how mind sets and practices can be changed to aid the acceptance of sustainable practices in business.

Prof. Guangming Chen of the Ningbo Institute of Technology, China.  This talk will give insights into how China is addressing refrigerant issues such as phasing out of HFC’s and moving to environmentally acceptable refrigerants. He will also look at the Chinese decision making process related to the future use of refrigerants both in industry and within Government policy.

The final keynote speaker will be Ray Gluckman, technical consultant specialising in refrigeration and climate change who is a lead adviser to national governments, agency and the European Commission. Ray will discuss the opportunities and barriers for sector in adopting natural working fluids as well as how he believes those barriers could be overcome.

The event is expected to attract over 350 delegates and 120 technical papers. Discounted registration for authors and students for this four day conference is available. The organisers would particularly welcome applications for papers to be presented which showcase practical case studies of how new sustainable technologies are being applied.

Full details of how to submit abstracts and sponsorship opportunities can be found at www.gl2016.com.

Please find Initiates file downloadhere a press release from the 12th Gustav Lorentzen Natural Working Fluids Conference.

For more information, please contact the secretariat.

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