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13th International HVAC&R Technology Symposium

12-14 April 2018
Istanbul, Turkey


The 13th International HVAC&R Technology Symposium of organized by TTMD will be held in Istanbul, Turkey between 12-14 April 2018. The main theme of this coming year’s symposium will be “Climate proper HVAC system solutions”.  The symposium will cover all aspects of HVAC technology with particular focus on the design, construction and maintenance of systems by applying the latest research findings and putting technical innovations into practice.  The symposium will include special expert tracks, like sustainable buildings, building design strategies for Mediterranean climate, energy systems with renewables and HVAC system solutions for high rise buildings.  The Symposium has another important objective of expanding the multinational participation from all over the World, by attracting additional scientists, design engineers, architects, building practitioners, and young engineers from the Gulf countries, Mediterranean countries, northern countries, the Middle East, Far East, Japan, Africa, and South America in order to far reaching the global community for a collectively sustainable future with Paris Agreement in mind.