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43rd International Symposium of CIB W062 Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings 2017

23-25 August, 2017
Haarlem, The Netherlands

This three-day symposium is used worldwide to exchange knowledge in the field of sanitary installations by participants from different countries to present the results of their research. Focus areas are water supply, computer simulations, drainage systems, water conservation and sustainability.

Aim of the 43rd symposium is to provide a forum where participants will exchange information on:

  • Results of recent researches.
  • Industrial researches and developments.
  • Performances of building systems.
  • Models and procedures for design.
  • Codes of practices and standards.

Specific discussion topics:

Within the general area of concern – cold water, hot water, drainage and rain water, the topics in which papers are encouraged should preferably include the following:

  • Modelling of water supply and drainage for buildings.
  • Management and maintanance of water supply and drainage systems.
  • Plumbing commisioning.
  • Health and hygiene aspects related to plumbing systems.
  • Sustainable construction, water conservation.
  • Performance of materials, components and systems.

TVVL, Dutch Platform for man and technology, will be hosting this international Symposium.

For more detailed information, check the website: http://www.tvvl.nl/cib-w062-2017

Please find the latest press release Initiates file downloadhere.