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44th International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition

Integrated Design and Healthy Zero CO2 Emission Buildings

Sava Center
Belgrade, Serbia
4 — 6 December 2013


This year’s, the 44th international congress is dedicated to the current topics from the broad HVAC&R field. The increasing demands for new technologies, improvement and innovations of HVAC&R equipment and systems in order to increase energy efficiency and decrease CO2 emissions, the products of fossil fuels combustion within the supply of the final thermal or electrical power of the HVAC&R systems of residential and other buildings as well as HVAC&R systems in the industry sector, encourage researchers, constructors, equipment manufacturers, system designers as well as all other HVAC&R professionals to create better, more efficient and more sustainable solutions.

Integrated design and construction of sustainable healthy zero CO2 emission buildings and energy rehabilitation of the existing urban building sector, without endangering occupants' quality of life and health and for the purpose of achieving sustainability and adapting the urban systems to climate change, will be the main topic of the congress.

As the integrated design implies that from the very first moment of the architectural and conceptual approach to the design there is a close communication between urban planners and architects, civil engineers, HVAC&R engineers and other engineers from the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, environmental engineering, ICT professionals and others, the organizer of this year's congress IS INVITING ALL THE PROFESSIONALS FROM THE FIELD OF CIVIL ENGINEERING, BUILDING CONSTRUCTION AND ENERGY SYSTEMS IN BUILDINGS to provide the conditions, in the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary dialogue, necessary to achieve SUSTAINABLE HEALTHY BUILDINGS, settlements and cities of zero CO2 emission.


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