19.06.2017 11:08 Age: 1 year
Category: REHVA event

Dutch National Congress of Sanitary Technologies

19 June 2017
Theater De Flint, Coninckstraat 60, 3811 WK Amersfoort, The Netherlands

During the National Congress of Sanitary Technologies on Monday, June 19th, a wide selection of current sanitation subjects will be discussed. One of these subjects is Reducing pressure fluctuations at the inlet of shower mixers. It is known that undesired variation in water temperature is uncomfortable and, by a fright reaction, can even be dangerous. By adapting the design of the tap water system we could solve temperature fluctuations in the shower. Another current topic is how we make our sewage, with the ever-increasing extreme rainfall, future-proof. Perhaps we should approach and calculate the sewers very differently? Developments in the refinement of accounting rules based on SIMDEUM are also discussed. 

To learn more about the complete program, go to the TVVL website.