11.06.2015 13:34 Age: 3 yrs
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An international workshop
EXPO MILANO 2015—Civil Society Pavillon—Cascina Triulza Auditorium
June 11, 2015, 10.30 a.m.— 5.00 p.m.

AiCARR, Bureau Veritas and Fondazione Triulza aim to organize an international workshop to exchange
experiences and ideas by researchers, scholars and professionals from around the world.
Papers are entrusted to sector organizations and aim to provide tools for a debate by Stakeholder and experts
called to give their comments and suggestions.

In a world in continuous and rapid change, the properties of a system to ensure conditions of sustainability in the
medium and long run, as well as its capacity to increase its value in his whole Life Cycle in spite of signi-cant
threats (resilience concept), matches very well in the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life and in particular
the complex relationship between Energy and Food, that will be crucial in the future.
EXPO MILANO 2015 creates the opportunity for discussion on a sustainable relationship between energy and
agriculture, to be included in new guidelines in national and European agricultural policies.

The principles on how to develop a series of proposals in the legislative, regulatory and institutional framework
• the food and energy supremacy of the territory
• the enhancement of the agricultural system and CO2 emission reduction, and
• biofuels and waste traceability and supply chain certi4cation
Developing these topics in a strategic key and considering them as opportunity to analyze the relationship
between energy and agriculture, is a multi-disciplinary way to address the issue of environmental, social and
economic sustainability in a regional scale.

Life on the planet must ensure ways to guarantee everyone access to food and energy, without damaging
individuals and with environment respect and proper economic conditions: this results in a faster transition to
direct forms of clean energy, transport services and production of food and energy made through democratic
participation in decisions by the population of that territory.

A number of key initiatives to be undertaken on key areas (for example: the proposal of a network Valuation of
farms, the establishment of a Study Centre for Agricultural Areas, etc.) must be identied:
Experts have been asked to draw the state of the art of their -eld in order to leave a tool for future strategies as a legacy to EXPO MILANO 2015.

The programme is available online.