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ISH China & CIHE

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Discover new business opportunities at ISH China & CIHE 2013

HVAC: The growth of energy conservation and emission reduction

Sanitation: Water-saving and intelligent products are growing in popularity

ISH China & CIHE will make its annual return from 8 – 10 April 2013 at Beijing’s New China International Exhibition Center. The show will continue its tradition of being the leading fair for the HVAC and sanitation industries in Asia. The exhibition, organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and Beijing B&D Tiger Exhibition Co Ltd, is anticipating an even higher number of exhibitors and visitors than the 2012 edition.

Mr Li Hongbo, General Manager, Beijing B&D Tiger Exhibition Co Ltd said: “ISH China & CIHE 2013 is expected to attract more than 900 exhibitors and 35,000 visitors worldwide. The hall layout will continue to be divided into boilers, wall-hung boilers, sanitation, radiators, heat meters, floor-heating, solar and air-conditioning units as well as heat exchange solutions. In addition, the organisers will strengthen on-site direction and signage as well as introduce an online match-making service prior to the show. This new match-making service will allow attendees to visit more booths relevant to their business, and for exhibitors to meet more customers.”

Mr Richard Li, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt in China said: “Because of our successful history, ISH China & CIHE has strongly contributed to the growth of China’s HVAC and sanitation industries. Over the years, buyers have become more and more impressed with the size increase of our exhibitors’ booth as well as their growing commitment to green technology in water conservation and energy efficiency. With an internationally recognised brand, ISH China & CIHE will not only offer a professional platform for exhibitors to showcase their brands and latest products, but also add to the development of the low-carbon building industry in China.”

HVAC: The growth of energy conservation and emission reduction

As China continues to implement the policies established under the 12th Five-Year Plan, green technology utilisation has become more and more important under the guidelines set for infrastructure and building development. In 2012, the Central Government invested USD15.38 billion towards promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and renewable energy development, a nearly 35% increase from 2011. Upgrading the energy efficiency of residential buildings in Northern China is one of the key projects, lead by the improvement of heat-metering systems. The policies are strongly supported by various provinces across the country. (*Please see appendix on page 5)

According to the statistics from China’s Ministry of Finance, fuel efficiency in all applicable industries has greatly improved in the past few years. So far, there are more than 3,900 energy-saving service companies registered in the country, with annual outputs valued at USD20.4 billion. China also strongly supports projects that promote the use of energy-efficient boilers, furnaces and motor systems as well as the utilisation of residual heat and pressure in various HVAC devices. The government plans to reward subsidies according to the amount of energy these products can save. From 2007 to 2011, the government has spent USD3.1 billion to support over 3,500 various projects. In total, these green solutions have saved the use of nearly 100 million tons of standard coal.

Sanitation: Water-saving and intelligent products are growing in popularity

Over the past few years, severe water shortages have affected certain regions across China. From 2010 – 2011, the Central Government unveiled two national policies to combat this growing problem. The first policy regulated domestic water consumption through a national standard for related appliances. The second policy limited the use of water in toilets to six litres per flush. These policies were quickly adopted by sanitary ware manufacturers as an important avenue for new market opportunities. Water-saving has become one of the top focuses for manufactures of a range of sanitation products, including toilets, faucets, showers and related accessories.

Buyers have quickly welcomed these new standards in sanitation, as well as the innovative products available. They have expressed greater interest in the designs, technologies and materials used for production in sanitation products.

With demand for quality residences increasing in China, intelligent sanitary wares have received strong market attention. These affluent buyers are commanding more added features to their purchased properties, such as bathtubs with built-in TVs, docking stations for smart phone devices, easier handicap accessibility and more. China’s sanitation industry is poised for positive growth. And for the professionals who work in the field, ISH China & CIHE will continue to be the premier venue to learn about the country’s latest trends.

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