12.11.2012 09:00 Age: 6 yrs
Category: REHVA event

Seventh International Cold Climate HVAC Conference - programme finalised

November 12-14, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. See preliminary programme and registration at www.ashrae.org/coldclimate. More information

The Scientific Committee is pleased to announce that some 60 Conference papers have been received for the conference.

While the papers are currently undergoing review, the conference schedule is starting to shape up. The conference papers present innovations in cold climate HVAC design in such areas as:

  • Air Cleaning Codes and Standards
  • Building Envelope
  • Comfort and Productivity
  • Energy Modeling
  • Equipment Performance
  • Heat Pumps
  • Housing and Small Building Applications
  • Industrial and Institutional Applications

See preliminary programme and registration at www.ashrae.org/coldclimate.