24.06.2015 08:56 Age: 3 yrs
Category: REHVA event

Sustainable and competitive hotels through energy innovation - Nearly Zero Energy Hotels 2015

24 June 2015, Nice, France

neZEH organises a project conference in Nice on 24 June 2015 linked to the Innovative City Convention 2015 event. The whole-day conference targets representatives of the tourism sector, regional and local policy makers and other stakeholders involved in the sustainable tourism sector. The conference will highlight case studies of high energy performing hotels and report about the first achievements concerning the neZEH pilot hotels. 14 pilot hotels were selected to receive technical assistance from the project to plan their deep energy retrofit investments. 


Are you involved in a project or research activity related to nearly Zero Energy buildings, energy retrofit of buildings or energy efficiency financing schemes within the tourism sector? Send now your abstract describing your work and have a chance for a visual presentation (poster) during the neZEH 2015 Conference. Deadline for submissions : 15th May 2015.

More information and registration are available in the event website.