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Ventilation 2012 - Paris, France

Date: 17 - 19 September 2012

More information. Conference website.

VENTILATION 2012 - The 10th Internation Conference on Industrial Ventilation in Paris

Call for papers!
The aims of industrial ventilation are to protect health, to prevent environmental pollution and to guarantee high product quality. These aims should be achieved with constant concern for energy efficiency and for sustainable development.

This conference will allow experts in industrial ventilation, in occupational hygiene, and in climate-control engineering for buildings and industrial processes, ventilation and filtration equipment designers, technical managers from industrial groups, managers of service-sector buildings, institutional opinion leaders, and academics to present their research and development and to compare their practices in the field of industrial ventilation.

Share your research results with your colleagues worldwide. The Ventilation 2012 conference is a perfect platform for presenting your work to specialists. To submit your abstract(s) online:  www.inrs-ventilation2012.fr.