23.10.2017 12:17 Age: 242 days
Category: REHVA event

Ventilative cooling in buildings: now & in the future

23 October 2017
Brussels, Belgium

Workshop description

The current development in building energy efficiency towards nZEB buildings represents a number of new challenges to design and construction. One of these major challenges is the increased need for cooling in these highly insulated and airtight buildings, which is not only present in the summer period but also in the shoulder seasons and in offices even in midwinter. Ventilative cooling can be an energy efficient solution to address this cooling challenge in buildings.

The objective of this workshop is to discuss the implementation of ventilative cooling and its role to guarantee good thermal summer comfort in commercial, educational and residential buildings.

Topics addressed:

  • Design guidelines
  • Solutions and technologies
  • Demonstration in current buildings
  • Energy performance calculation
  • Recommendation for standards
  • Future challenges and opportunities

This workshop presents the outcomes of IEA EBC Annex 62, discusses with experts from industry and interacts with the audience through interactive voting and group discussion.

About IEA EBC Annex 62 Ventilative Cooling

Annex 62 Ventilative Cooling of the IEA Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) programme aims to make ventilative cooling an attractive and energy efficient cooling solution to avoid overheating of both new and renovated buildings.

Objectives are:

  • To develop and evaluate suitable methods and tools for prediction of cooling need, ventilative cooling performance and risk of overheating in buildings
  • To develop guidelines for an energy efficient reduction of the risk of overheating by ventilative cooling solutions and for design and operation in both residential and commercial buildings
  • To develop guidelines for integration of ventilative cooling in energy performance calculation methods and regulations including specification and verification of key performance indicators.
  • To develop instructions for improvement of the ventilative cooling capacity of existing systems and for development of new solutions including their control strategies.
  • To demonstrate the performance of solutions through analysis and evaluation of well-documented case studies.

Participating countries in this Annex are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, P.R. China, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA.

For more info check the file here.