WS 24: Energy efficiency with certified products


Wednesday, June 19, 11.00-12.30, (Meeting room 2)


Organiser: Eurovent Certification Company   



Chair:                   Erick MELQUIOND                                           Eurovent Certification Company

Co-chair:              Sylvain COURTEY                                            Eurovent Certification Company



Eurovent Certification is managing HVAC product certification schemes since 1994. Currently 16 products groups are covered representing +50000 certified references from +200 trademarks. The original purpose was to level the playing field in Europe and to allow fair competition between manufacturers. However due to the increase of regulations related to energy efficiency in building (EPBD, Ecodesign, Labelling directives, white certificates …) HVAC product certification is now becoming also a useful tool for legislators and market surveillance bodies.



An update of European Certification schemes in 2013 will be presented. A focus will be put on energy efficiency certification. Then examples of European and national regulations using product certification will be presented and discussed. Finally a comparison will be made between mandatory certification and voluntary schemes.



Legislators, market surveillance authorities, building owners, energy managers, HVAC System Inspection professionals, HVAC system component manufacturers, HVAC System Maintenance, Installation and Design professionals and academics with an interest in this area.


Expected results      

The results of the work session will be discussed and recommendations will be given for the further implementation and deployment.


Tentative Programme   

·         Certification of HVAC products
verview of Eurovent Certification programmes: how does it work, highlights and key benefits.           (S. Courtey)

·         Regulations using building product certification
Examples of regulations are presented and discussed                                                                       (S. Courtey)

·         Value of voluntary vs mandatory certification
Comparison, synergies and perspectives of both voluntary and mandatory certification are discussed   (S. Courtey)


Discussion topic     

·         How does a voluntary certification scheme works? Which products are concerned?

·         Is product certification recognized by authorities? Where and how?

·         What are the benefits of voluntary and mandatory schemes? Are there synergies?

·         What can be the role of voluntary certification regarding market surveillance activities?