Ordem Dos Engenheiros

Portuguese Association of Engineers



Ordem dos Engenheiros is the Portuguese Association of Engineers. The members are integrated in colleges and specializations. The representation in REHVA is assured through the Climatização (HVAC) specialization.
Established: 1936
Personal Members: 49 266 (68 specialists on the HVAC chapter)
Number of personnel in the office: Besides the headquarters in Lisbon, Ordem dos Engenheiros has three regional offices (North, Center and South of Portugal) and delegations in different cities along the country. OE has a total number of 80 administrative workers.

President: Carlos Mineiro Aires
Years: 2016-2019
E-mail: bastonario@remove-this.ordemdosengenheiros.pt

Head of Secretariat: João Vaz Lopes
E-mail: secretariageral@remove-this.ordemdosengenheiros.pt


Mailing address:

Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 3D
1069-030 LISBOA

Contact person: Engineer Serafin Graña, Coordinator of the Specialization in Climatization Engineering
Tel: 00 351 213 132 660 (Serafin Graña) / 00 351 917 215 000 (Serafin Graña)
Fax: 00 351 213 132 632 (Ordem dos Engenheiros)
E-mail: termifrio@remove-this.mail.telepac.pt (Serafin Graña)

Website: www.ordemdosengenheiros.pt


Number of issues/ year: Ingenium (6 issues per year)
Number of copies per issue: 50 000


There is a national newsletter sent monthly to associates


Number of training events/courses per year: Annual Meeting of HVAC Chapter
Total number of participants per year: 200


National conferences per year: one National Conference of OE each two years, two annual meetings of HVAC chapter

International conferences:

Next national or international conferences:
Technical Session
6 April 2017, OE, Lisbon
17th Climatization Days
26 October 2017, Lisbon

Annual Meeting of HVAC Chapter

26 October 2017, OE, Lisbon
General Assembly
25 May 2018, Lisbon
18th Climatization days
25 October 2018

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