REHVA Annual Conference - Advanced HVAC and Natural Gas Technologies - Riga, Latvia, 8-9.05.2015

Initiates file downloadProgramme

Friday 8 May 2015, 8:00–17:00
Main hall

Chair: Olli Seppänen, Finland and Francis Allard, France

Opening words by AHGWTEL President Egils Dzelzitis, Representative of Riga City Council Ingrida Mutjanko
and REHVA President Karel Kabele

Initiates file downloadUpdate on EU building regulations: EPBD revision and CEN standards
Laurent Deleersnyder, European Commission - DG Energy

Initiates file downloadEPBD legislation in practice – challenges regarding compliance and quality of the works
Peter Wouters, INIVE EEIG

Initiates file downloadEurovent certification programmes for HVAC products with verified performance
Sylvain Courtey, Eurovent Certita Certification

Initiates file downloadSynergies in energy efficiency criteria and indoor environment quality in building certification systems
Maija Krizmane, Latvian Sustainable Building Council

Chair: Karel Kabele, Czech Republic and Bjarne Olesen, Denmark

Initiates file downloadProgress with national nZEB applications in the EU
Jarek Kurnitski, REHVA Vice-President, TTU

Initiates file downloadDanish nZEB application and energy calculation methodology
Søren Aggerholm, Danish Building Research Institute

Initiates file downloadDynamic simulation as a tool for compliance approval with energy performance regulation
Mika Vuolle, Equa Simulation Finland Oy

Initiates file downloadVentilation in prefabricated multifunctional building elements for modular NZE retrofitting of residential
buildings (MORE-CONNECT)

Peter Op’t Veld, Huygen Engineers & Consultants, The Netherlands

Initiates file downloadTraining and Qualification Platform for Continuing Professional Development on nZEB (PROF-TRAC)
Anita Derjanecz, Policy and Project Officer, REHVA

Initiates file downloadnZEB refurbishment of Italian hotel buildings – a NEZEH case study
Stefano Corgnati, REHVA Vice-President, POLITO

Egils Dzelzitis, Latvia and Jarek Kurnitski, Estonia

Initiates file downloadRevision of EPBD overarching standard – time schedule and national options
Jaap Hogeling, REHVA, Chair CENTC 371 Program Committee on EPBD

Initiates file downloadUpdates to ASHRAE ventilation standards
William P. Bahnfleth, ASHRAE, The Pennsylvania State University

Initiates file downloadNew performance requirements for filtration and air cleaning in EN 13779/prEN 16798-3 and EN779:2012
Claus Händel, European Ventilation Industry Association EVIA

Initiates file downloadResidential ventilation in the revised EN 15251 (prEN16789-1 and DTR16789-2)
Bjarne W. Olesen, DTU, Chair CENTC 156 WG19

Initiates file downloadLarge differences in real-life IAQ and Energy performance of code compliant residential ventilation systems –
experience from Dutch dwellings

Rob van Holsteijn, VHK, The Netherlands

Saturday 9 May 2015, 8:30–16:30
Main hall

Opening session and Keynote speakers
Chair: Karel Kabele, Czech Republic and Egils Dzelzitis, Latvia

Initiates file downloadAwarding Ceremony of the student competition
Manuel Gameiro da Silva, REHVA Vice-President, Portugal

Initiates file downloadUS Energy policy developments towards NZEB
SA Sherif, University of Florida, USA

Initiates file downloadnZEB New Trend or Knowledge from the Past
Hendrik Voll, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Initiates file downloadBuilding management system impact on energy efficiency
Andris Krumins, Riga Technical University, Latvia

The presentations of the sessions 1 to 6 are available to read or download Opens external link in new windowonline.