REHVA Seminar at Light and Building - The Role of lighting and HVAC in zero energy buildings. 16.04.201



Nearly zero energy buildings and role of lighting
Dr Jarek Kurnitski, Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, Finland

Low energy lighting in cultural and heritage buildings
Paul Ruffles, FSLL, FCIBSE is a past President of the Society of Light and Lighting, and currently chair of the SLL Technical Committee, United Kingdom

Lighting in low energy buildings or Retrofits of lighting installations
Dr.-Ing. Jan de Boer , Group Leader Lighting Technology, Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics, Germany

Integrated control of lighting, solar shading and HVAC for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
Anders Hall, Somfy, Sweden

Integration of lighting and air air-conditioning
Mikko Lietzen, Halton , Manager, R&D, Finland