WS 23: Quality management for building performance: Closing the gap between design and operation

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Tuesday, May 24, 10.30-12.00 (Meeting room: Bondestuen)

Workshop organisers:

IGS, TU Braunschweig, Germany -


  • Stefan Plesser - IGS, TU Braunschweig, Germany                      
  • Michele Liziero -  EnergyTeam SPA, Italy       
  • Jan Mehnert - synavision GmbH, Germany
  • Niels Delaere - Factor4, Belgium 


The tremendous advances in technology and the integral approach to building concepts enable us to design, build and operate highly energy efficient buildings - principally. Unfortunately, complexity of hydraulics and automation has also increased. As a result, we face a new risk with high intensity: tackling the lack of quality in building performance will be the decisive challenge for buildings.

Opens internal link in current windowQUANTUM, a research project within Europe’s Horizon 2020 framework, develops and demonstrates pragmatic services and appropriate tools supporting quality management for building performance in the design, construction, commissioning and operation phase as a means to close the gap between predicted and actual energy performance in European buildings.

The workshop will discuss current risks for building performance and present a specific quality management approach as a promising answer. Three innovative tools will be demonstrated to show how we can effectively introduce quality management in building projects to improve building performance.


Workshop is suitable for consultants, system integrators, mechanical contractors, building owners and operators, facility contractors and building automation business people. Within this workshop REHVA will set up and launch a Task Force around this topic exchanging related knowledge and using the project outcomes to elaborate a REHVA Guidebook.

Expected results:

Visitors will be informed about the potential of quality management and innovative services.

Tentative programme:

  • Stefan Plesser: “From Design to Performance: Why quality must be the next step towards better building performance”
  • Michele Liziero: “Energy Monitoring of Buildings: using energy data to obtain measurable energy efficiency”
  • Jan Mehnert: “Design needs Testability: Active Functional Specifications close the loop between concept and operation”
  • Niels Delaere: “Energy is not enough: Evaluating indoor environmental qualities with the Comfortmeter”
  • Discussion panel, moderated by Stefan Plesser: exchange of opinions an experiences between the QUANTUM partners and REHVA experts

Discussion topic:

  • What are the causes for the lack of quality?
  • Why do building owners not care more for quality?
  • “Design for testability”: how specify transparent performance targets with cost effective testing methodologies.
  • How do we increase awareness for the importance and role of quality?
  • How ESCOs, facility managers and third parties could be involved more and support building certification with a life cycle perspective?
  • Do we need a certification scheme for commissioning of buildings?