External Relations Committee (ERC)

Working Environment

The External Relations Committee oversees the REHVA public affairs strategy and the activities to liaise with stakeholders and professional organisations in Europe and globally. As an active European Federation, REHVA has links to a considerable number of other organisations both in Europe and the rest of the world. REHVA is also receiving new requests for collaboration and links from a variety of bodies. The Board decided to establish the External Relations Committee (ERC) in order to define more clearly the principles and priorities of external relations ensuring that REHVA's resources are used in a coordinated and efficient way.

The external relation activities oversee the REHVA public affairs strategy and the activities to liaise with stakeholders and professional organizations in Europe and globally. The following three main priorities are listed here:

  1. EU public affairs
  2. Networking and cooperation with EU level professional organisations and bodies
  3. Cooperation with HVAC association outside Europe


The ERC chair is Jaap Hogeling and co-chair Cao Guangyu. REHVA staff supporting ERC is Rebeka Maršnjak.

The core-members are expected to participate all meetings and interested corresponding members. If core-members are not participating for one year they will directly become corresponding members. The chairperson and co-chairperson are voted by the committee and appointed by the board on nomination of the ERC for a period of 2years. Decisions are taken by majority vote.



Core members

  • Jaap Hogeling – Chair (The Netherlands)
  • Cao Guangyu (CG) Norway
  • Francis Allard (FA) France
  • Hans Besselink (HB) Hungary
  • Ioan S. Dobosi (ID) Romania
  • Karel Kabele (KK) Czech Republic
  • Juan Travesi Cabetas (JT) Spain
  • Tuba Bingol Altiok (TbA) Turkey
  • Hywel Davies (HD) United Kingdom
  • Edith Barna (EB) Hungary

Corresponding Members

  • Jarek Kurnitski (JK) Estonia
  • Francesca D’Ambrosio (FdA) Italy
  • Othmar Brändli (OB) Switzerland
  • Christian Feldmann (CF) France
  • Manuel Gameiro Da Silva (MG) Portugal
  • Mikko Iivonen (MI) France
  • Jean-Michel Navarro (JMN) France
  • Macit Toksoy (MT) Turkey
  • Livio Mazzarella Italy
  • Risto Kosonen (Finland)
  • Andris Krūmiņš (Latvia)
  • Thomas Terhorst (Germany)
  • Birgit Muller (Germany)
  • Hadnan Ozgen (Turkey)
  • Catalin Lungu (Romania)


There is yearly one meeting during the General Assembly (face to face) and if needed second meeting in the autumn, generally in conjunction with the other REHVA meetings in Brussels, this meeting could also be done electronically.

At least 4 weeks before each meeting the REHVA staff will send the notice on the meeting with the Annual Meeting invitation. The meeting agenda and additional documents are distributed at least 1 week before the meeting. These documents are prepared in cooperation with the chairperson.

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