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Association Royale de la Technique du chauffage, de la ventilation et de la climatisation
Koninklijke vereniging van de verwarmings-, ventilatie- en klimaatbeheersingstechniek


  • Established: 1938
  • Personal Members: 100
  • Company Members/Supporters: 105
  • Number of personnel in the office: 1




In order to keep its members informed about the ongoing status of the profession, the association organises seminars, conferences, workshops...
Number of electronic issues/year: 50
Number of copies per issue: 3000 electronic addresses
There is no printed ATIC news. The ATIC news is coming in an electronic mailing, all issues that are important and all invitations are sent like this. Social Media and on-line marketing on our ATIC blog, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook became important means of distributing all ATIC and sister associations news.


  • Cahier de charge 105/Lastenboek 105: Together with REGIE DES BATIMENTS, this publication is finished now. This has been sponsored for the biggest part by ATIC. 
  • Selection and sizing of energy storage technologies in low energy buildings: an update. Michel De Paepe and Hugo Monteyne - UGent - Burnay Commission - This is a research project that is fully supported by ATIC (financial, content...) and that is unique in the world of HVAC. There will soon be a publication on this subject.


Number of training events/courses per year: 4
Total number of participants per year: 120
ATIC is the driving force behind a series of educational cycles specific to our profession of heating and ventilation. In the Belgian area, these are almost the only available educational programs in our professional field.
ATIC also organises specialised courses such as courses concerning "solar installations" / "BACS" / "water quality in closed systems"... - These specializations courses will be further developed in 2018-2019.


National conferences per year: 2 à 3 + visits of technical – HVAC - installations special buildings
Website of the conference:


The association gives financial support to different research institutions as university laboratories or other research institutions.  

A privileged relationship exists between the thermodynamic laboratory of the university of Liège and ATIC. Apart from that, ATIC grants special prices to individuals or institutions that have realised outstanding work in our field.

Special research prize - Call for tenders –The ATIC aims to promote technical progress in HVAC-related fields.

Therefore, ATIC organises (together with REHVA) the conference on the subject LOW CARBON TECHNOLOGIES in HVAC in April 2018. 

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, ATIC will host the REHVA meeting days in Brussels 21-23 April 2018. As ATIC has a tradition on supporting students and researchers in the field of HVAC, ATIC has taken the opportunity to host an international conference on the latest evolutions in the field of HVAC.

The goal of this conference is to give the opportunity to researchers and the academic community to exchange their ideas and findings and to bridge the gap with industry.

To guarantee a carbon emission reduction of the built environment, both design, installation and operation of HVAC-systems have to be addressed. Without neglecting the primary goal - meeting comfort demand - new challenges arise with the integration of more renewables in our energy provision, but also with a better understanding of the impact of indoor air climate on inhabitants.

The conference will focus on design and commissioning of HVAC-systems. This includes a better understanding of sustainable heating/cooling technologies and energy storage, but also a good insight in the actual performance. This is characterized by both user demand as changing boundaries in which the system operates. This changes the way performance optimization and evaluation needs to be executed both in the design and in the operational phase, introducing additional criteria like "smart grid readiness" or new parameters to measure individual user comfort.

ATIC invites researchers, both academics as professionals, who address one or more of these issues to submit a paper and present their work on the 23rd in Brussels. More information on

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