External Relations Committee

Jaap Hogeling, M.Sc. (Eng) 

Jaap Hogeling, M.Sc. (Eng)
Chair of External Relations Committee (ERC)
Manager international projects and standards
Chair CEN TC 371 Program Committee on EPBD
ASHRAE Fellow, REHVA Fellow
ISSO, Dutch Building Services Knowledge Centre
The Netherlands

Working Environment:

As an active European Federation, REHVA has links to a considerable number of other organisations both in Europe and the rest of the world. REHVA is also receiving new requests for collaboration and links from a variety of bodies. The Board decided to establish the External Relations Committee (ERC) in order to define more clearly the principles and priorities of external relations ensuring that REHVA's resoruces are used in a coordinated and efficient way.

Objectives of the External Relations Committee: 

  • To identify and prioritise the tasks of the Committee.
  • To identify the resources available both financially and in volunteer time. 
  • To recommend the Board the persons in charge for achieving these tasks. 
  • Follow up and develop further the activities between REHVA and selected organisations.

REHVA keeps liaison with three types of external organizations:

  • Pan-European organisations in the construction sector, including architects, structural engineers, HVAC contractors, main construction contractors, HVAC manufacturers, facilities managers and international organizations such as Eurovent, EHI and ESTIF.
  • Kindred HVAC organizations in the rest of the world that seek international co-operation – including ASHRAE and organizations in Japan, Korea, China, India and Latin America and elsewhere.
  • European Union bodies, particularly the Commission and Parliament, to provide feedback on the recent position of Regulations and Directives and to follow-up and influence the development of new legislation in the HVAC field. 

The EU level activities have been identified by several Member Associations and REHVA supporter companies as high priority. The ERC is currently discussing the ways of achieving bigger impact on the development of Regulations and Directives. These activities will form a significant part of the Committee's work in 2014. It is planned that the outputs will be published on the REHVA website. It is also intended to continue to review how the exchange of information and experience can be strengthened both among Members Associations, and between a Member Association and the various activities undertaken by REHVA itself. Well established collaboration activities between REHVA and bodies such as ASHRAE, IIR, AIVC and Eurovent will continue during 2014.

ERC activities in 2013-2014:

DG ENER: Follow up of EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive), EED (Energy Efficiency Directive) and Ecodesign Directive.

Eurovent/ Eurovent-Certita Certification: continuous cooperation in main technical issues.

AIVC/INIVE: Jaap Hogeling is the observing member of the steering committee of new AIVC organization. EBC Executive Committee approved on Friday 14 June 2013 the prolongation of the AIVC for the period January 2014 - December 2016. Future Workshops and conferences:

  • 18-19 March 2014 Brussels, Belgium: International Workshop on Quality of Methods for Measuring Ventilation and Air Infiltration in Buildings.
  • 24-25 September 2015 Poznan, Poland: 35th AIVC Conference.

AIVC/IEA Annex 5 under Energy Savings in Buildings and Community Systems; Follow up the Annex 53 as an observer; Follow up Annex 61 Ventilative Cooling.

ES-SO (European Solar-Shading Organization): Translation of REHVA GBs continues, exchange of speakers in events.

EFA (European Federation of Asthma and Allergy): Discussion about common IAQ position papers.

IBPSA (International Building Performance Simulation Association): MoU to be discussed.

IIR: Events in conferences, exchange off articles and publications.

ASHRAE: New guidebook projects in discussion: Ducts, Commissioning. REHVA organized a seminar at ASHRAE 2014 winter meeting in New York on "Practical Benchmarking of HVAC system energy efficiency in EU".

Discussions were held about common conferences like HVAC in Historical Buildings (Rome) at ASHRAE-AiCARR event supported by REHVA.

ISHRAE: Participation at ACREX 2014 (27 February - 01 March), New Delhi, India. REHVA published a joint special issue of the REHVA Journal with Eurovent-Certita Certification and organized a workshop about Buildings Commissioning. President Karel Kabele signed the prolongation of the MoU with ISHRAE until 2016.

CCHVAC: Reconfirmation of MoU with CCHVAC at the CCHVAC 2014 conference in Tianjin, China; REHVA is invited to have a keynote speech and to encourage sponsors to participate under REHVA umbrella at the exhibition. Joint publications in REHVA and CCHVAC journal for 2014 are foreseen.

SHASE: Follow up of the MoU signed in 2012 during the term of the new president Prof. Kato. SHASE organized a very succesfull workshop at CLIMA 2013.

The core members of the ERC are (in alphabetical order): 

  • Jaap Hogeling (The Netherlands) - Chair
  • Cao Guangyu (Finland) - Co-chair (CCHVAC)
  • Francis Allard (France)
  • Hans Besselink (The Netherlands)
  • Richard Beuhorry (France)
  • Ioan S. Dobosi (Romania)
  • David Fisk (United Kingdom)
  • Karel Kabele (Czech Republic)
  • Zoltan Magyar (Hungary)
  • Livio Mazzarella (Italy)
  • Renato Merati (Italy)
  • Bjarne W. Olesen (Denmark)
  • Michael Schmidt (Germany)
  • Olli Seppanen (Finland)
  • Alexandru Serban (Romania)
  • Thomas Terhorst (Germany)