Publishing and Marketing Committee


Chair of Publishing Committee and Marketing

Frank Hovorka - Chair of Publishing Committee and Marketing

Frank Hovorka
Head of Strategy
3-5 rue Paul Cezanne
75008 Paris
Tel: +33 6 12 32 01 90
Email: Opens window for sending

Voting Members of Publishing Committee

  • Frank Hovorka - Chair, France
  • Francesca R. d'Ambrosio - Co-Chair, Italy
  • Jacques Benoist - France
  • Marianna Brodatch - Russia
  • Guangyu Cao - Norway
  • Karel Kabele - Czech Republic
  • Renato Merati - Italy
  • Brigit Mŭller - Germany
  • Maija Virta - Finland
  • Stefan Jakab - Sweden
  • Andy Ford - UK

The objective of REHVA Publishing Committee is to manage and develop REHVA publications and website to increase the visibility of REHVA values and disseminate information to REHVA Members and Supporters. Information is gathered up from work of REHVA Technical and Research Committee and Task Forces, REHVA EU-Projects, REHVA Members, REHVA Conferences, REHVA Workshops, REHVA Co-operating Organisations and from European Commission. 

REHVA publications

  • REHVA Journal,
  • REHVA Website,
  • REHVA Promotional Material,
  • REHVA Newsletters,
  • REHVA Bulletin,
  • REHVA Dictionary.

Publishing and Marketing Committee is in charge of managing REHVA brand, sales policy and advertising policy in REHVA publications, and production of REHVA promotion material in cooperation with REHVA Office.
Publishing and Marketing Committee will have an annual meeting with both voting and corresponding members during the General Assembly of REHVA. Voting members will have operative meetings between general assemblies, to where also corresponding members and other interested participants are welcome. Publishing and Marketing Committee meetings are informed at REHVA website.

REHVA Journal

REHVA Journal is the official journal of REHVA. The REHVA Journal is a respected technical journal focusing on European-level activities and their impact on national level. Major topics are energy efficiency of building systems and buildings, healthy and productive indoor environment, sustainable development, renewable energy sources, and ICT in building systems.
The content of REHVA Journal is a mixture of technical articles (practical implications of latest research), editorial case studies providing the best practice in building services, and latest technology from industry. It also announces major HVAC events and publications available.

Editorial Board of REHVA Journal

Members of Editorial Board are helping the Editor to plan each issue, to give ideas of possible authors of each topic and evaluate proposed articles, if needed. Each member of Editorial Board shall supply minimum one paper a year. Publishing Committee may appoint a guest editor for a specific issue of the journal.

REHVA Website

REHVA Website ( is the most important communication channel between REHVA and the European professionals in the area of building services engineering. REHVA Website disseminates information from health, comfort and energy efficiency of buildings and communities, energy conservation and renewable energy sources, European legislation as well as national and international research initiatives. REHVA website provides also information of REHVA and its activities. It is a discussion forum for REHVA Committees and Board.

REHVA Publications

REHVA Task Forces, Conferences, and EU-projects produce several kinds of publications.
REHVA Publications are promoted in web as well as using flyers with brief presentation of them. Specific posters may be printed when necessary. These are updated whenever new publication becomes available. Publications are sold in REHVA eShop, in various events and exhibitions, and in REHVA Office as well as resold via Member Associations and Co-operating Organisations. The primary language of all REHVA Publications is English. The Publications may be translated to national languages by Member organisations. 

REHVA Dictionary

A REHVA Dictionary is a glossary of technical words and terms used in building services with descriptions. The Dictionary is a web-based tool in (all) European languages freely available to everyone. There are several web-addresses where it can be found:,,,, and The Dictionary webpage has the look and feel of the REHVA website, and comes up in the native language by means of the personal browser setting. The “mother list” of words and terms is in English. At the moment there are about 12.000 words.

REHVA Newsletter

The REHVA Newsletter is emailed bi-monthly to subscribers free of charge. It contains news of HVAC technical publications and events, EC directives and calls for proposals related to building services. In order to subscribe to it, insert you email address here: