Chair of Supporters Committee


Atze Boerstra ir., Ph. D.
Chair of Supporters Committee
Binnemilieu BV
Postbus 370
2501 CJ Den Haag
The Netherlands
Tel:+31 88 222 94 94
E-mail: Opens window for sending emailab-bba(at)

Voting members of Supporters Committee

  • Atze Boerstra (Chair) – Netherlands
  • Ioan Silviu DOBOSI (Co-Chair)  - Romania
  • Renato Merati - Italy
  • Frank HOVORKA - France
  • Stefano CANALI- Rhoss, Italy
  • Panu Mustakallio - Halton, Finland
  • Ilari AHO- Uponor Corporation, Finland
  • Olli SEPPÄNEN - FINVAC, Finland
  • Monica Marza - LG Electronics, France
  • Livio Mazzarella - AiCARR, Italy
  • Petra Vladykova Bednarova - SWEGON, Sweden
  • Henk Kranenberg - DAIKIN, Belgium
  • Jaap Hogeling - Isso, Netherlands

REHVA Supporters an important link to industry

In 2007, REHVA decided to improve its cooperation with industry and other associations operating in the same area with similar goals. For this purpose, REHVA opened for the industry a possibility to become a supporter of REHVA. A REHVA supporter can be a company or an organisation that shares the same objectives as REHVA. The rights and services of the REHVA supporters are approved annually by the Supporters Committee.

Mission of REHVA Supporters Committee

The object of the REHVA association is to promote the European engineering of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and other similar engineering services that relate to the indoor climate and energy efficiency of buildings worldwide; and to develop education and training in this field.

Supporters Committee is a coordination team which supports REHVA activities and develops the services offered to REHVA Supporters.

REHVA Supporters

  • Supporters are companies of good repute that share the same objectives as the REHVA Associations.
  • The number in REHVA should be increased.
  • REHVA offers many services to its Supporters.
  • In return, each supporter pays an annual fee, which is agreed by the General Assembly.
  • Supporters are free to share their knowledge and use these in European Projects in which REHVA is involved.
  • Supporters have the right to attend the REHVA General Assembly (open part) and committee meetings at General Assemblies.

Future tasks of REHVA Supporters Committee

  1. Increase the number of REHVA Supporters;
  2. Encourage the REHVA supporters to use REHVA journal as media for advertising;
  3. Encourage REHVA supporters to submit articles and other material at the REHVA journal;
  4. Promote REHVA Guidebooks and propose new topics for guidebooks;
  5. Encourage REHVA supporters to take part in the REHVA taskforces;
  6. Develop REHVA dictionary website interesting for selling banners in it;
  7. Encourage the REHVA supporters to support and participate in the REHVA Annual Conference and CLIMA congress;
  8. Assist in dissemination of the information resulting from REHVA involvement in European Projects;
  9. Organize seminars for supporters – in collaboration with Technical and Research Committee;
  10. Evaluate the need to develop a specific newsletter for supporters – in collaboration with Publishing Committee;
  11. Assist in performing Benchmarking studies on specific topics in collaboration with Technical and Research Committee;
  12. Consider starting to publish job opportunities – announcements at web, journal or newsletter;
  13. Consider collecting and disseminating of the information on the HVAC market;
  14. Encourage of the Supporters to collaborate with REHVA in European Project;
  15. Promote knowledge and experience on European HVAC fields in European Parliament, European Council and all the HVAC associations from all over the world [ASHRAE, Asia (India, China, Korea, etc …), and South America] – in collaboration with External Relations Standing Committee.

Services to REHVA Supporters

  1. Regular information on EU directives, regulations and standards tailored for supporters
  2. Name of the Supporter company is in REHVA website ( under heading “Supporting Members” and link to company web address. All Supporters are listed in the REHVA journal ( – six times a year under heading “Supporting Members”
  3. Price reduction when publishing product information and advertisements in REHVA journal
  4. Each Supporter is invited to participate (one Representative and Spouse) to annual REHVA General Assembly and related technical seminars
  5. reHVAClub events (seminars, cocktails, etc.) are organized for Supporters with prominent speakers from Commission and other EU organizations
  6. One free copy of each REHVA Guidebook and report and 20% price reduction on list price of extra copies

How to become a Supporter?