Technology and Research Committee

 Jarek Kurnitski, Prod Dr-Ing 

Chair of the Technology and Research Committee (TRC)



REHVA is a leading organization, in Europe, in the improvement of energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources in buildings and communities, both for reducing the green house gas emissions. The objectives of REHVA TRC is to develop and disseminate technical information for the benefit of REHVA members and supporters, enhance the development of standards and research at European level, and increase the REHVA participation and visibility at European level activities. REHVA TRC cooperates in technical matters with REHVA members and supporters as well as European and international organizations with similar objectives as REHVA.  

The activities to achieve these objectives include, but are not limited to:

- Developing and following up the work of REHVA technical Task Forces.
- Following up the work and preparing position papers (statements) on EU regulations and standardization.
- Developing common working groups with cooperating organizations.
- Organizing technical seminars and workshops.
- Developing technical publications (e.g. guidebooks and reports).
- Disseminating the results from EU projects.
- Exchanging technical information through articles in the REHVA journal, newsletter and website.
- Establishing expert networks and databanks within REHVA (e.g. energy, ventilation).
- Developing REHVA research policy and general plans.
- Developing workshops for the REHVA Annual Meetings (Clima Congresses).

The core members of the TRC are (in alphabetical order):

- Jarek Kurnitski (Estonia) - Chair

- Ivo Martinac (Sweden) - Co-chair

- Livio Mazzarela (Italy) - Co-chair

- Francis Allard (France)

- Ahmet Arisoy (Turkey) 

- Hans Besselink (The Netherlands)

- Anatolijs Borodinecs (Latvia)

- Derrick Braham (United Kingdom)

- Hywel Davies (United Kingdom)

- Ioan S. Dobosi (Romania)

- Christian Feldmann (France)

- David Fisk (United Kingdom)

- Jaap Hogeling (The Netherlands)

- Frank Hovorka (France)

- Karel Kabele (Czech Republic)

- Ian Knight (United Kingdom)

- Risto Kosonen (Finland)

- Michal Krajčík (Slovakia)

- Zoltan Magyar (Hungary)

- Gabrielle Masy (Belgium)

- Branimir Pavkovic (Croatia)

- Jorma Railio (Finland) 

- Olli Seppanen (Finland)

- Martin Thalfeldt (Estonia)

- Marija Todorovic (Serbia)