This calculator was developed by Prof. Jarek Kurnitski and the REHVA COVID-19 Task Force for specialists with at least a minimum understanding of ventilation and air distribution. The tool is available for download for experts who have read and understood the related COVID-19 guidance document, as well as the explanation on the use of the tool or are enrolled in the REHVA COVID-19 course. To download the xls calculator and the user guide, please fill in the form below and accept the terms and conditions. Please, note that this is the second, updated version of the calculator.

Version 2.1 updates:

  • Virus variant multiplier estimated for the Omicron variant is added.

Version 2.0 updates:

  • Quanta emission rate representative values are changed from 85th percentile of preprint to 66th percentile
  • Introduction of virus variant multipliers to deal with Alpha and Delta variants
  • Complementary measures, such as portable air cleaners and facial masks
  • Probability of infection calculation is extended to the event reproduction number with new curves for model rooms

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Terms and conditions of use

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