Fire Safety In Buildings. Smoke Management Guidelines

Fire Safety In Buildings. Smoke Management Guidelines

Othmar Brändli (ed), Rainer Will, Thomas Winkler, Bernd Konrath, Jörg Reintsema, Frank Lucka, Paul White, Gregory Sypek, Dmitri Samoshin

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This guidebook describes the different principles of smoke prevention and their practical implementation by way of natural and mechanical smoke extraction systems, smoke control by pressurization systems and appropriate partition measures. In the event of fire, smoke can spread through ventilation systems, but these systems can play an active support role in smoke prevention.

Real-fire and model experiments, as well as consistently improved-upon simulation methods, allow for robust conclusions to be drawn regarding the effectiveness of smoke extraction measures, even at the planning stage. This smoke management Guidebook provides the reader with suitable tools, also through references to standards and regulations, for evaluating, selecting, and implementing a smoke control concept that is commensurate with the protection objective.

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