Legislative framework

On March 30, 2022, the Commission put forth a proposal for a regulation that establishes unified conditions for the marketing of construction products (COM/2022/144 final), thereby repealing the existing Construction Products Regulation (CPR). This regulatory proposal is part of a comprehensive package designed to promote the prevalence of sustainable products in the EU, foster circular business models, and empower consumers in the pursuit of a green transition.

The objectives of the proposed regulation include addressing key challenges: the incomplete realization of a single market for construction products, suboptimal implementation with varying market surveillance practices among Member States, a complex legal framework, and the CPR's inability to effectively contribute to green and digital transitions as well as ensuring product safety.

Trilogues took place on 17 July, 24 October and 13 December 2023, when the co-legislators found a provisional political agreement. It needs to be formally approved by both institutions. 

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Harmonised technical specifications

Harmonised technical specifications

Harmonised European standards provide a technical basis to assess the performance of the construction products. They define a common technical language used by all actors in the construction sector to:

 1. define requirements (regulatory authorities in EU countries);

 2. declare the product’s performance (manufacturers);

 3. verify compliance with requirements and demands (design engineers, contractors).

Harmonized European standards on construction products are developed by technical experts from the European Standardization Organizations (CEN/CENELEC). The Technical Committees of CEN and CENELEC are working on completing the necessary set of harmonised European standards and test standards, and further improving existing ones.

Find the products covered by the harmonised standards under CPR here.

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