The objective of this project is to support industrial manufacturers and engineering companies of heating and cooling systems in their development, by introducing more renewable energy sources in their technology.
Multi-energy sources, for heating and cooling purposes, are considered to have a large potential in contributing to the penetration of renewable energy sources for domestic, building and industrial applications. But it requires that conventional heating and cooling systems have to be adapted or changed for incorporating renewable energy sources.
Nowadays, the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning industries are the actors which have access to the market, and they provide services using mainly fossil fuels or electricity as energy sources. The objective was to have them using renewable energy, combining conventional and renewable sources and proposing environmental cost-effective products.
The technical goal of the project was to set-up technology resource centres in Europe, with the aim of building bridges between the technology providers (research centres, universities and industry) and the technology users (manufacturers, engineering companies).

The ASTECH project organized a workshop on Renewable Energy for Heating and Cooling in Hangzhou, China, on 18-19 February 2009, in cooperation with the Chinese partner ZERI and the Solar Energy and Building Specialist Committee of China Renewable Energy Society. The workshop was very well organized and attended and gave the opportunity for many interesting contacts.

The project has built up a database of multilingual RES-H&C documents which will be searchable in nine EU languages. Any interested organization is invited to become a member of the ASTECH network by registering on the multilingual project web site which will allow them to upload their information and to search the database at anytime.

The ASTECH project reached completion by end of May 2009.

This project is supported by the European Commission under FP6 

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