The main objective of the ThermCo project (IEE programme) is to establish a normative guideline for comfortable low-energy cooling concepts and consistent evaluation criteria for all European climate zones

ThermCo evaluated low-energy cooling concepts all-over Europe using a standardised method based on existing monitoring data from best practice examples, provided design guidelines for typical building concepts in the European climate zones for architects and HVAC-engineers and collected the knowledge available. The proposed approach was applied to eight demonstration projects in different climatic zones of Europe.

High performance buildings have shown that it is possible to go clearly beyond the energy requirements of existing legislation and obtaining good thermal comfort. However, there is strong uncertainty in day-to-day practice due to the lack of legislative regulations for mixed-mode buildings which are neither only naturally ventilated nor fully air-conditioned but use a mix of different low-energy cooling techniques.

The proposed CEN-standard annex will act as a commonly accessible knowledge pool for passive and low-energy cooling techniques and, hence, will contribute to reduced cooling energy demand, better indoor environment and cost-effective building concepts.

Similarly to the workshop held 27 July 2008 before the WINDSOR 2008 Conference, the ThermCo project and REHVA organized a forum on EN 15251 during the IndoorAir 2008 conference  under the title "How can we evaluate thermal comfort for low-energy cooling concepts?"

The ThermCo project was presented at the International Workshop on "Summer comfort and cooling" organized in Barcelona, Spain on 31 March & 1 April 2009. It was an initiative of AIVC, and the workshop was organized by INIVE EEIG, in collaboration with REHVA and with the European IEE (SAVE) ASIEPI and Building AdVent projects.

The Workshop flyer is available here.

This project is supported by the European Commission under IEE 

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