EPB standards

The underlying requirement of both EBPD and EPBD recast is the development of a harmonized calculation method for the energy performance of buildings, which “should take into account European standards” [EPBD recast, Annex I].

Based on this recommendation, the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) gave mandate to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI (i.e. the three European Standardization Organizations) to elaborate and adopt standards establishing a methodology to calculate the integrated Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB), known as “EPB standards”

EPB standards constitute the basis for the national regulations in all EU Member States and in the countries within EFTA. The use of EPB standards will allow these countries to meet homogenously and efficiently the EPBD requirements about:

  • the definition of minimum requirements for the energy performance of new and existing buildings and building components, 
  • the energy performance certification,
  • the inspection of building systems. As a matter of fact, referring to common EBP standards will also reduce divergences and costs, compared to developing different standards at national level.

The first mandate (M/343) to score these long-term goals was given in 2004, to support the first version of the EPBD released in 2002, and it resulted in the publication of EBPD-related CEN standards in 2007-2008

As in 2010 the recast of the EPBD was published, a new mandate was issued (M/480) in the same year, resulting in the publication of a new set of EPB standards in 2017.

EPB standards



Access here the full list of EPB standards and accompanying technical reports and their position within the overall modular structure:

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EPB standards