EPB standards 2007-2008

The first mandate to CEN (M/343) resulted in the successful publication of all EPBD related CEN standards 2007-2008 (list of CEN standards).

To facilitate the interested reader information papers have been compiled in the CENSE action into 5 booklets introducing the CEN standards:

In order to specify a general framework for the assessment of overall energy use of a building, and the calculation of energy ratings in terms of primary energy, CO2-emissions or parameters defined by national energy policy, CEN/TC 371(i.e. CEN/BT/TF 173) developed the so-called overarching standard EN 15603 Energy performance of buildings – Overall energy use and definition of energy ratings.

CEN/TC 371 also released CEN/TR 15615 Explanation of the general relationship between various European standards and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) - Umbrella Document. This umbrella document CEN/TC 371 gives an overview of all relevant EPB standards.

Some of the EPBD standards where developed under the Vienna Agreement with ISO lead either under ISO/TC 163 Thermal performance and energy use in the built environment, or ISO/TC 205 Building environment design.