EPB standards Build Up webinar 8 - Energy needs combined with specific systems

  • When: 20 Oct 2020
  • Where: Online

Following the successful first series of 6 webinars on the Energy Performance of Buildings standards (EN/ISO) supporting the implementation of the EPBD, an additional series of 4 webinars has been scheduled on the set up and results of a series of example calculations on buildings and systems using the EPB standards.

The goal of these example calculations is to demonstrate the:

  • functionality (the calculation works all together on practical cases, available features to describe energy properties of buildings and HVAC installations),
  • sensitivity (impact of single data or group of data on selected calculation results), and,
  • usability (clear data input; description of practical system configurations, useful results and avoiding unnecessary input complexity),

of individual calculation modules and of the whole building calculation procedure.

This 8th webinar represents part 1 of specific examples on the energy needs calculation (EN ISO 52016-1) combined with specific systems (ventilation/boiler, heat pump, chillers) and preliminary example of whole building calculations.

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