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10th International BUILDAIR Symposium

31 March - 1 April, 2017
Hannover, Germany

Leakages in the building envelope how tight is tight enough?

Finding leakages quickly and reliably, evaluating leakages, measuring the tightness of ventilation systems and sealing components securely – these are the main focus areas of the 10th International BUILDAIR Symposium on 31 March and 1 April, 2017 in Hanover. Experts from many countries will be able to report on the challenges and projects in their countries and share their findings and experiences. We are eager to see where their emphasis lies, and what approaches for joint solutions can be worked out at the symposium.

The hot topics of the conference will be the evaluation of leakages and the measurement practice. For example, Jiří Novák from Prague will present research results on the repeatability of air-tightness measurements under constant conditions, and Adeline Mélois of Cerema Center-Est in France will speak about measurement tolerances in the assessment of volumetric flow measurements. The Fachverband für Luftdichtheit im Bauwesen e. V.(FLiB) (Association for Air-tightness in Construction) will present the results of its research project on leakages. Klaus Vogel will speak about evaluation problems and recommendations for action and Victor Norrefeldt will introduce simulation calculations. As usual, the lectures will be simultaneously translated into German or English. For questions and discussions, time is scheduled.

In the breaks between sessions, many of the participants in the BUILDAIR Symposium appreciate being able to learn about 'tried and tested' as well as new products and services. This is why the organisers are glad to provide companies from the industry with the opportunity to present themselves, their products and services at the trade fair accompanying the conference.

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