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2015 ASHRAE Winter Conference

January 24-28
Palmer House Hilton
Chicago, Illinois, USA

ASHRAE is excited to return to Chicago for the 2015 Winter Conference, its historically best-attended event. Attendees can discuss the latest topics in the building industry; participate in technical tours; attend ASHRAE Learning Institute courses; earn professional credits; and obtain ASHRAE certifications. Chicago also serves as the site of the AHR Expo, co-sponsored by ASHRAE and held in conjunction with the Winter Conference.

The two events combine to create the ideal atmosphere for those interested in advancing the building industry to network, inspect the latest technology and learn about the newest practices for the built environment. Don’t miss the chance to participate!



REHVA seminar at ASHRAE Winter Conference

Operation of Energy Efficient Buildings

Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, January 25, 2015
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Buildings represent the largest slice of energy demand in EU and US and a consistent strategy for
energy saving I this sector, should take into account the savings potential in all the life phases of buildings, e. g.
design, construction, operation, maintenance, retrofitting, etc. Talking about operation, well designed,
commissioned and maintained buildings are essential for their cost-effective use. As buildings are becoming more
complex, including more systems and their respective controls, the objective of this seminar is to present an
updated vision of the best solutions and new ideas to improve energy efficiency considering the interaction with

  • Heating of Energy Efficient Buildings
    Karel Kabele, Dr.Ing., President of REHVA
  • Effect of Occupant Behavior in Energy Operation of Buildings
    Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Dr.Ing., Polytechnic of Turin, Turin, Italy
  • Managing Ventilation and Infiltration Rates in Nzebs
    Manuel Gameiro da Silva, Ph.D., Universidade de Coimbra