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Hotel Olympia, Vodice, Croatia
25 – 27 March 2015


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Croatian and EU legislation and working conditions for chartered engineers in the neighbouring countries

·   The Croatian and EU legislation in building sector; public procurement; EU funds

·   Working conditions for chartered engineers in the neighbouring countries, EU member states and non-member states (conditions, reciprocity, limitations)

·   Study programs and professional and scientific development – mechanical engineers study performances; vocational standard in the field of mechanical engineering

·    Interrelation between the scientific and engineering fields in the applicable in the economic sector; needs, proposals, limitations, ...

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Energy efficiency in building construction and industry, financial support models

·   Energy audits and energy certification; energy efficient equipment and systems in buildings and industry; efficient energy transmission and use; optimization and cost-effectiveness

·   Building energy renovation programs and funding models

·   Comprehensive and partial technical solutions for energy efficiency; sustainability and energy independence of buildings

Power and process plants

·    Power plants in processing and manufacturing industry

·    Advanced technological solutions, heating and cooling systems, efficiency and  cost–effectiveness

·   Safety systems, surveillance and management of power plants

·   Energy and fuels in technological processes – processing, treatment, drying

·    Water systems – treatment of drinking, process and wastewater, pumping stations

·    Intensive agriculture - irrigation – cold stores– storages – processing

·    Pharmaceutical industry, petrochemistry, wood industry, food and manufacturing industry

·   Renewable sources and intensive agricultural production – greenhouses, dryers

Friday, 27 March 2015

Environmental protection

·   Renewable energy sources – biogas plants, biomass-fired cogeneration plants, geothermal energy sources, photovoltaic system

·   Waste management (separate collecting, classification, recycling of waste; incineration plants; waste as raw material)

·    Large power plants and sustainable development; ecology; efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Mechanical structures

·   Power equipment support structures (boiler, HRSG, air filter, pipelines, etc.); steel tanks, flue gas stacks, flue and air ducts, silos, pipelines and pipe bridges

Other mechanical structures 

State-of-the art methods in design and analysis of structures (CAD/FEM), structural materials, etc.



The Congress attendance merit points are awarded according to the Professional Education Program of

the Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers with 24 points, of which 4 for legislation topic.


Applications for participation in the Congress will be received by 28 February 2015.

The Congress applications are to be submitted on the Application Form to e-mail info@remove-this.hkis.hr,

on-line application at  www.hkis.hr or by facsimile at ++387 1 777 55 74 (please visit www.hkis.hr)


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