28.04.2015 11:12 Age: 4 yrs
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CIAR 2015 - XIII Iberoamerican Congress of HVA&C and Refrigeration

28-30 April 2015
Complejo Duque de Pastrana, Madrid, Spain

This Congress is supported by professional associations from Spain-ATECYR, Argentina-AAF, Brazil- ABRAVA, Colombia - ACAIRE, Cuba - IRC, Ecuador - ATEAAR, Mexico - AMERIC, Peru-APVARC, Uruguay-ASURVAC, Unites States - ASHRAE, Panama - APAYRE, Chile - DITAR and Portugal - EFRIARC.

The purpose of this congress is to exchange ideas and knowledge among the engineering professionals from the countries from North America, central and South America and Spain and Portugal with different climatic conditions.
This edition the congress will go through with Atecyr and Fenercom - the Energy Agency of Madrid Community, and it will be supported by many Spanish associations related with the HVA&C and Refrigeration technologies.

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