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Cold Climate HVAC Conference 2018

12-15 March, 2018
Kiruna, Sweden

Welcome to Cold Climate HVAC Conference 2018, 12-15 March, http://www.cchvac2018.se, in Kiruna, Sweden, the most northern Cold Climate Conference ever. This is an international scientific conference on key technologies and processes to achieve sustainable and optimal buildings and districts with a good indoor environmental quality and a minimum use of resources and energy!

Due to the ore mining in Kiruna, there will be extensive new development during the coming decade to form one of the most sustainable Arctic cities in the world.

The conference covers technical, economic and social aspects of buildings and HVAC systems in new and renovated buildings. In connection with the conference there will be opportunities to experience many highly interesting local attractions such as Icehotel Jukkasjärvi, Esrange Space Center, Northern light and Sami culture.

Take the opportunity to experience the process of constructing one of the most sustainable Arctic areas in the world!