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Supporter's Bulletin 2/2017

Editor-in-Chief: Anita Derjanecz

April 2017

NEW REHVA Guidebook No.22: Introduction to Building Automation, Controls and Technical Building Management

This guidebook aims to provide an overview on the different aspects of building automation, controls and technical building management and steer the direction to further in depth information on specific issues, thus increasing the readers' awareness and knowledge on this essential piece of the construction sector puzzle. It avoids reinventing the wheel and rather focuses on collecting and complementing existing resources on this topic in the attempt of offering a one-stop guide. The readers will benefit of several compiled lists of standards and other relevant publications and as well a thorough terminology specific for building automation, controls and technical building management.
Andrei Litiu (ed.), Bonnie Brook, Stefano Corgnati, Simona D'Oca, Valentina Fabi, Markus Keel, Hans Kranz, Jarek Kurnitski, Peter Schoenenberger, Roland Ullmann

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REHVA European HVAC Journal issues

  • The April Issue of the REHVA Journal focused on QUALICHeCK, Compliance and Quality of Works, New Test Facility at Delft University of Technology and Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden is now available online
  • More information about the publishing plan of the year 2017

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EU Project News

Uponor hosted the second hybridGEOTABS project meeting, 1-2 March 2017, Vaanta, Finland

The hybridGEOTABS team held its latest meeting at the headquarter of Uponor in Vantaa (Finland). hybridGEOTABS is a research project aiming at the optimization of predesign and operation of GEOTABS using "Model Predictive Control" (MPC). The solution will be demonstrated in 4 buildings with different use, such as offices, elderly care homes, schools and apartment blocks. REHVA will update its GEOTABS guidebook towards the project end in 2019 using the outcome. For additional information, please check the dedicated section on REHVA website and hybridGEOTABS website.

EU Policy News

Ecodesign - Ener Lot 10: Review study for air-conditioners and fans launched

The European Commission has launched a review study of the regulation on ecodesign and labelling requirements for air conditioners and comfort fans. The study covers the review of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 206/2012 and the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 626/2011. The study is carried out by Viegand Maagøe A/S and ARMINES for the European Commission, DG Energy. Contract manager is Viegand Maagøe A/S. The study started in February 2017 and is expected to be finished in medio 2018. Follow the work on the study website.

Ecodesign -  Ener Lot 21: Impact assessment study released

The updated overview of the Ecodesign legislation now contains the impact assessment for air heating products, cooling products, high temperature process chillers and fan coil units (aka Ener Lot 21). The standardisation request to accompany this regulation has also been made available.

Energy Labelling Directive - Agreement on the revision between the EU institutions 

21 months after the EC releases its proposal on the revision of the Energy labels, the Council, the European Parliament, and the Commission came to an agreement on 21 March 2017. The revised directive will return to the A-G scale, removing the A+ and A++ scale by late 2019/early 2020. Rescaling shall take place when 30% of products sold on the EU market fall into the top energy efficiency class A, or when 50% of these products fall into the top two energy efficiency classes A and B. A public product database with a compliance section and an online portal aims at supporting market surveillance authorities and provide consumers with additional information about the products will be developed. More information

EPBD standards: Final voting on prEN 16798-1: narrow disapproval

29 of the 31 EPB EN-standards have been passing Formal Vote end of January 2017. The new set will be published soon. FprEN 16798-3 is still on voting until early April 2017, and the Committee Vote on Technical Reports prCEN/TR 16798-2 and -4 will close in early March. Formal Vote on FprEN 16798-1 Energy performance of buildings. Part 1: Indoor environmental input parameters for design and assessment of energy performance of buildings addressing indoor air quality, thermal environment, lighting, and acoustics closed on 9 February, and only 69% of the weighted vote cast was positive, failing to reach the necessary 71% for approval. 

The CEN regulations give several options to proceed after a negative result. CEN/TC 156, the Technical Committee in charge will decide between the several options, including:  submitting a modified version of the FprEN for a second Formal Vote; submitting a modified version of the FprEN to a UAP (Unique Acceptance Procedure); or transferring the work to ISO within the framework of the Vienna Agreement, if appropriate. The ISO option is most interesting in this situation, because the technically nearly identical ISO 17772-1 has been approved, giving the possibility to adopt it as an EN ISO standard, with or without modifications. The decision is up to CEN/TC 156, who has its next scheduled meeting in early May 2017.

International Events

1st Buildings India 2017 Exhibition and Conference - 10-12 May, 2017 - Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

1st Buildings India 2017 exhibition and conference will be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, during 10-12 May 2017. The expo will connect exhibitors and speakers with government administrators, municipal bodies, industry leaders, investors, etc., who have interest in developing smart cities.
Sustainable Infrastructure is an integral part of the smart cities mission. Driving a nation’s social and economic development, cities are the centre of resource consumption. Today, as people moving towards urban areas, cities are facing the pressure to accommodate the growing population.
According to the United Nations (UN), the global urban population surpassed the global rural population in 2007, and it predicts that 70% of the world’s population will be urban by 2050, with many cities having more than 10 million inhabitants.
Further information:

ISH China & CIHE 2017 – 18-20 May, 2017 – Beijing, China

ISH China & CIHE is the largest fair for the HVAC and plumbing industries in Asia. The fair falls under the ISH brand of shows. The 2017 edition will be held from 18 – 20 May 2017 at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China. The 21th edition will cover 97,000 sqm of exhibition space across eight halls, expects to welcome 1,300 exhibitors and 55,000 professional visitors.
The fair will showcase a comprehensive collection of energy-saving heating, new energy heating, district energy, intelligent control, building water supply and drainage, and home comfort products and technologies. About 70 sessions of concurrent events – including the renowned China International HVAC Congress (iHVAC), seminars, product showcases and networking events – will be held for exhibitors and visitors.
The programmes allowed guests to exchange in-depth market intelligence with attendees and build strategic partnership with their peers. Professionals will be able to share the latest market information regarding national energy-saving policies.
For further info:

Upcoming other events

1st Buildings India 2017 Exhibition and Conference
10-12 May 2017
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
More information

50th International Congress “Beyond NZEB retrofit of existing buildings”
Climamed 2017 Conference “Historical buildings retrofit in the Mediterranean area”
10-13 May 2017
Matera, Italy
More information

Sodex Ankara
10-13 May 2017
Ankara, Turkey
More information

Climamed 2017 Conference “Historical buildings retrofit in the Mediterranean area"
12-13 May 2017
Matera, Italy
More information

38th Euroheat & Power Conference
14-17 May 2017
SECC, Glasgow, United Kingdom
More information

Aquatherm Kyiv
30 May-2 June 2017
International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
More information

Building Simulation 2017
7-9 August 2017
San Francisco, California
More information

43rd International Symposium of CIB W062 Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings 2017
22-25 August 2017
Haarlem, The Netherlands
More information

ISH Shanghai & CIHE 2017
5-7 September 2017
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China
More information

Ventilating healthy low-energy buildings
13-14 September 2017
Nottingham, United Kingdom
More information

19-23 September 2017
Prague, Czech Republic
More information

7th International Conference on Solar Air-Conditioning - PV Driven/Solar Thermal
28-29 September 2017
Hotel Husa Imperial Tarraco, Tarragona, Spain
More information

HVAC 2017
10-12 October 2017
NEC, Birmingham, UK
More information

2018 AHR Expo
22-24 January 2018
McCormick Place North & South Chicago, IL
More information

Cold Climate HVAC Conference 2018
12-15 March 2018
Kiruna, Sweden
More information

3-6 June 2018
Espoo, Finland
More information

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