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Newsletter Issue 6/2013

November 2013


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Best Wishes for a Healthy and Prosperous 2014
From the REHVA Board Members and the REHVA staff


REHVA Community News

REHVA Annual Meeting 2014 

"Energy efficient, smart and healthy buildings"

The VDI-Technical Division Building Services will host the REHVA Annual Meeting 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany. From 28th to 30th April 2014 leading experts from the international building services community will be guests in Germany. More than 150 visitors are expected, when the VDI-GBG welcomes the members of REHVA, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations. REHVA-internal meetings and the REHVA General Assembly will be held around the technical conference “Energy efficient, smart and healthy buildings” at 30th April 2014 at the Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf Airport. The main topics of the conference are ventilation and indoor-air quality, cooling load and building automation. The conference language is English. Download the preliminary programme. More information.

REHVA Student Competition rules and criteria 2014

Please download the REHVA Student Competition rules and criteria for the year 2014. The deadline for receiving the entries is 31th March 2014.

Registration is now open for the REHVA – iSERV Seminar on 13/02/2014, Brussels, Belgium

The seminar will cover a wide range of topics: updates from high level EC speakers on EU policies related to buildings energy efficiency including the new financing opportunities; how to increase the energy efficiency of HVAC systems through monitoring; results of the iSERVcmb project and a discussion about their deployment from a policy and an industrial perspective. Download the final program and find further information in our website and click here to register.


REHVA Seminar at the ASHRAE wintermeeting 2014

"European Union: Practical Benchmarking of HVAC System Energy Efficiency"
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 11.00 – 13.00 - New York Hilton, NY, USA - Meeting room: Sutton South
Please download the programme of the REHVA Seminar.

New REHVA Report

Energy efficient, smart and healthy buildings - REHVA Workshops at CLIMA 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic, 17-19 June 2013
Editors: Pavel Sevela and Jan Aufderheijde
REHVA REPORT No.5 is now available on REHVA Guidebooks’ Shop at

REHVA Journal issues

The December issue of the REHVA Journal (6/2013) will focus on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - The editor of this issue is Olli Seppänen (
The January issue of the REHVA Journal (1/2014) will focus on Healthy environment and Energy Efficiency in Buildings - The editor of this issue is Olli Seppänen (

Ecodesign News

Ventilation products

For Ventilation units, the first Working Document containing a draft regulation of ecodesign and labelling, was discussed in November 2012 at the Consultation Forum. The document was based on the “Ventilation” parts of ENER Lot 10 and ENTR Lot 6. The borderline between “residential ventilation units” and “non-residential ventilation units” was defined as follows: units with fans of less than 125 W power input are regarded as “residential”, and larger ones as “non-residential”. The proposed regulation, however, gives the manufacturer the possibility to decide the category of the unit independently of the size. 

Labelling requirements are prepared for “residential ventilation” only, because energy labelling is primarily for consumer products.  

In September 2013, a new Working Document was sent to the Member States for comments, in order to prepare the final voting at the Regulatory Committee, scheduled to be held on 16-17 December 2013. 

Now the borderline between “residential” and “non-residential” units is expressed in a different way, instead of fan power this is now related to the nominal air flow, as follows:

“Residential ventilation unit’ (RVU) means a ventilation unit fulfilling one of the following conditions:
(a) the maximum flow rate does not exceed 250 m³/h;
(b) the maximum flow rate is between 250 and 1 000 m³/h, and the manufacturer declares its intended use as being exclusively for a residential ventilation application”

For residential ventilation units, the main requirement is expressed as a “Specific Energy Consumption for ventilation per m2 heated floor area of a dwelling or building” (SEC). The main parameters affecting the SEC value are the recovered heat from extract air and the fan energy consumption, but also many other parameters like the type of control of the unit, the motor and drive type, and possible defrosting are also taken into account. This SEC value was actually introduced already in 2012 but only in the Consultation Forum draft for Labelling, not for Ecodesign. The SEC value actually depends on the climate, which also makes both the definition and the calculation look complicated. 

The most significant change for non-residential ventilation units was to replace the fan efficiency and face velocity requirement by the Specific Fan Power (SFP). However, the SFP is defined in a new way, different from the definition in EN 13779, here as “internal specific power of ventilation components”. The maximum value of SFP is expressed using an equation, which gives an “efficiency bonus” if the heat recovery system has an efficiency higher than the required minimum, and also a “filter correction” which is kind of penalty in case the ventilation unit is equipped by lower class filters than a “reference configuration”, in which the supply side filter is a clean fine filter F7 and exhaust side filter is a clean medium filter M5. In addition, the maximum SFP depends on the nominal air flow of the unit.

If the proposed regulations are approved at the Regulatory Committee, then the requirements will enter into force in two steps: first in 1 January 2016, and more stringent requirements in 1 January 2018. For example, the minimum efficiency of a non-residential ventilation unit with a run-around heat recovery will be 63% from 1 January 2016, and 68% from 1 January 2018, for other types of heat recovery system the minimum is 67% (2016-) and 73% in 2018.

Where can I find more information?

The list of National contact points in charge of the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC can be found at

European News

2014 Sustainable Energy Europe & ManagEnergy Awards - Calling best-in-class sustainable energy projects 

The European Commission invites all sustainable energy actors to submit their projects for the 2014 edition of the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards & ManagEnergy Award.
Have you already been recognised for your accomplishments and contributions to a more sustainable Europe? Let the EU know. It’s your turn! Click here to apply.

European Policy News

2030 framework for climate and energy policies

The European Commission is expected to unveil proposed 2030 green energy goals around the year end.  The development of a 2030 framework for the EU climate change and energy policy is necessary to make progress towards a competitive economy and to support a secure, sustainable and payable energy system. EU Energy Commissioner Oettinger has announced to present a legislative proposal for a 2030 framework by the end of the year. The aim is to set intermediary targets between the EU 2020 aims and the 250 roadmap based on several analysis about what was achieved so far from the 2020 targets.
As preparatory step for the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies, a Green Paper was adopted on 27 March 2013 (COM (2013)169). It presents progress made and challenges under the current policy framework and sets out for consultation four key issues the framework needs to address: targets; coherence of instruments, fostering competitiveness of the EU economy and security of supply; and acknowledging the differing capacity of Member States.

Horizon 2020 energy: draft work programme 2014-2015 now available! 

The draft work programme 2014-2015 of Horizon 2020 in the area of "Secure, clean and efficient energy" has been published. The programme includes funding opportunities for research topics (former FP7 programme) as well as for previous “IEE-type” activities promoting market deployment. The draft programme is under approval by the EC. The final call for proposers is supposed to be launched in December 2013, most probably during the HORIZON 2020 Energy Infoday organised in Brussels on the 5th of December.

2014-2020 EU Budget approval provides boost to Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The legislative package for the Multi-Annual Financial Framework, which includes the Structural Funds for 2014-2020, was officially approved in the European Parliament. The Structural Funds can and must now be used for more projects on sustainable energy and energy efficiency, including on buildings, according to EuroACE. - Source: eceee

Study: insulation could save European industry €3.5 billion a year

Better insulation could shave 4% off European industry’s total fuel consumption and emissions bill, a sum worth €3.5 billion a year, says an unpublished report by the Ecofys consultancy. The total cost-effective energy savings potential amounts to 620 petajoules (PJ), the equivalent of 37 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, according to the paper, ‘Climate protection with rapid payback’, which is due to be published next week.
The study estimates the initial investment costs of insulating bare industrial surfaces and repairing damaged industrial insulation at about €900 million. But the payback times for the majority of such investments were under one year and sometimes just a few months.
Around 10% or more of the industrial insulation in Europe’s industrial plants is estimated to be uninsulated or covered with damaged insulation. Remedying this would slash industrial energy consumption by 3%. - Source: EurActive

REHVA position paper on indoor air quality

REHVA IAQ experts prepared a position paper on indoor air quality and climate addressing policy makers and authorities. The paper points out potential conflicts between energy efficiency, occupancy and indoor air quality and climate. It uses the result of the HeathVent project and other EU projects, and is linked to the work of a new REHVA Task Force aiming at preparing further position papers in the future on Indoor Environment. The Task Force wants to achieve a better understanding within decision makers on IAQ issues and to have an impact on EU and national policy and regulations. The first position paper is available in the REHVA website.


New BPIE report on Boosting building renovation, an overview of good practices

End of September 2013, the new French government reaffirmed its previous ambitions to massively increase building renovation rates, with the overall goal to refurbish 500,000 buildings per year by 2017. To support the French debate around renovation roadmaps, the French NGO CLER commissioned BPIE to produce a report on successful building renovation programmes, as an overview of good practices in Europe and around the globe. This report was presented in Paris to a large group of stakeholders, from building industry and real-estate associations, environmental organisations, consulting firms and Ministries (Housing and Environment / Energy). The report is available in the BPIE website

International fair

ISH China & CIHE 2014 - China International Trade Fair for Sanitation, Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning
13 – 15 May 2014, Beijing, China

ISH China & CIHE is the leading fair for the HVAC and sanitation industries in Asia. The three-day event expects to welcome over 950 exhibitors and is estimated to cover more than 85,000 sqm of exhibition space across six halls with the latest innovations and practical solutions in HVAC and sanitation technology. A new and highly in-demand section on Building Water Supply and Drainage will be added to its 2014 edition. A series of fringe programmes – including seminars, product showcases and networking events – will be held for exhibitors and visitors. The programmes allowed guests to exchange in-depth market intelligence with attendees and build strategic partnership with their peers. -

Upcoming HVAC events 

ASHRAE – 2014 Winter Conference
18-22 January 2014, New York, USA
More information 

AHR Expo
21-23 January 2014, New York, USA
More information 

Aqua-Therm Moscow
04-07 February 2014, Moscow, Russia
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World Sustainable Energy Days 2014
26-28 February 2014, Wels, Austria
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ACREX 2014
27 February-01 March 2014, New Delhi, India
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Aqua-Therm Prague
04-07 March 2014, Prague, Czech Republic
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MCE – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2014
18-21 March 2014, Fiera Milano, Italy
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Light + Building
30 March-04 April 2014, Frankfurt, Germany
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Nordbygg 2014
1-4 April 2014, Stockholm, Sweden
More information


For more HVAC events please check the REHVA Events Calendar on and also 

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