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Newsletter Issue 3/2015

May 2015

REHVA Community News

Join us during the EUSEW 2015 High Level Policy Conference on 17 June 2015!

REHVA will organise a High Level Policy Conference Workshop during the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels on 17 June 2015, 16.00-17.30.The workshop on "Heating, cooling and ventilation: how to achieve the largest savings in buildings pursuing the EU’s energy strategy?” is organised in collaboration with EHPA, EPEE, and EVIA.  We look forward to welcoming you to our event! Register until 8 June 2015 in the EUSEW website!

REHVA General Assembly

The 59th REHVA General Assembly was held on Thursday 7 May 2015 in Riga, Latvia. It gathered nearly 90 participants from 22 countries. After a welcoming address given by Mrs Ilze Osa, the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, Director of Housing and Construction department, Prof Karel Kabele opened the General Assembly. 
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REHVA Awards

On the occasion of the Annual Meeting 2015, the following members of REHVA Member Associations received a REHVA Award:  

  • Jiří Petlach (STP – Czech Republic) received a REHVA professional award in design
  • Prof Zoltan Magyar (ETE – Hungary) received a REHVA professional award in education
  • Prof Arturs Lesinskis (AHGWTEL/LATVAC – Latvia) and Renato Merati (AiCARR – Italy) received a REHVA professional award in technology
  • Arturs Brahmanis (AHGWTEL/LATVAC – Latvia) and Wilmer Pasut (AiCARR – Italy) received a REHVA Young Scientist Award 
  • The REHVA Gold Medal, the highest REHVA recognition, was handed to Prof Francis Allard

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REHVA Student Competition

Under the leadership of Manuel Gameiro da Silva, REHVA Vice-President from Portugal, the REHVA 2015 Student competition took place on Friday 8 May in Riga, Latvia during the Annual Meeting. Ten candidates representing nine countries were in competition this year, the Netherlands being represented by a team of two students. After the deliberation, the jury declared winner Stine Pedersen from Aarhus University (Denmark) for her work on “Desktop polling station for real-time building occupant feedback “. 
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REHVA Annual Conference

The 2015 REHVA Annual Conference was organised in Riga, Latvia on 8-9 May 2015 in cooperation with AHGWTEL, the Association of Heat, Gas and Water Technology Engineers of Latvia. The main topic of the Conference was "Advanced HVAC and Natural Gas Technologies". This event brought together leading experts from the international heating, ventilation and air conditioning community. The Conference in Riga gathered 150 people from 22 countries to discuss HVAC novelties, standards and researches. The presentations are available online.
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REHVA workshop at Healthy Buildings Europe 2015 conference

REHVA has endorsed this conference and organised a workshop. The theme of REHVA’s workshop was: ‘European IAQ standardization & EN 15251’. The moderator of this workshop was Jarek Kurnitski of Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia and also Vice-President of REHVA. Presentations were made by Jaap Hogeling of ISSO, The Netherlands and REHVA journal Editor-in-Chief, Bjarne W. Olesen, professor at the Technical University of Denmark, and Arnold Edeling of Purafil, The Netherlands. All the presentations are available online.

Memorandum of Understanding between Eurovent and REHVA

Eurovent, the European Committee of HVAC&R Manufacturers and REHVA, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Associations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Thursday, 28 May 2015. The two associations are devoted to intensify and strengthen their long-standing partnership, bringing Europe’s HVAC&R engineering, R&D and manufacturing sectors closer together while making effective use of synergies. This MoU was signed by REHVA Secretary General, Jan Aufderheijde and Eurovent Secretary General, Felix Van Eyken during the Eurovent Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.
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REHVA European HVAC Journal

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REHVA Journal issues
  • The abstracts of the May issue of the REHVA Journal (3/2015) is available online by clicking here.
  • The August issue of the REHVA Journal (4/2015) will focus on Air Conditioning Systems. The Editor-in-Chief of this issue is Jaap Hogeling (jh(at)

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EU Policy News

Ecodesign regulation of air heating products, cooling products and high temperature chillers under inter-service consultation

The Working Documents were released to Inter-Service Consultation that will last until 15 June 2015. The draft regulations are expected to be voted in September 2015 and will enter into force according to the draft regulation on 1 January 2017 for the 1st tier and 1 January 2020 for the 2nd tier. Read more.

Guidelines on self-regulation measures under the Ecodesign Directive 

The Article 17 of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) sets out the provision for voluntary agreements and self-regulation measures. On 27 May 2015, the Commission released Guidelines on self-regulation measures concluded by industry under the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC. All future ecodesign self-regulation measures should be drafted in line with these Guidelines and all existing ecodesign self-regulation measures should be aligned with the Guidelines as soon as possible, at the latest by the next revision of the self-regulation measure. The guidelines are not legally binding. Read more.

Ecodesign regulation for fans on review 

The Ecodesign Regulation 327/2011 for fans has been under revision, and recently subject to public review. In the proposed new regulation, the Ecodesign requirements for fans are set out in Annex II, using definitions in Article 2 and Annex I.  The requirements shall apply from 1 January 2020. The minimum requirements are expressed in a new way, taking into account the type and measurement category of the fan. Read more.

CEN Enquiry of many CEN-EPB standards closed

A number of CEN-EPB draft standards have been on 5-months CEN public enquiry.  

Concerning the overarching standard prEN 15603, disapproved at the formal vote is now under major revision. A new draft is being prepared. According to Jaap Hogeling, Chair of CEN/TC 371, the complete draft will be ready in May-June 2015, CEN enquiry is expected to start in September 2015 and formal vote in early 2016, in order to have the new EN 15603 published in mid-2016. One main challenge is the clarification of the key definitions. The overarching standard will not give any requirements beyond the scope of the EPBD, such as those for thermal comfort.

The results of ten draft standards under CEN/TC 228 are also available. Eight drafts are approved and two drafts have been disapproved.  The standards disapproved were Space emission systems (prEN 15316-2) and Heat pump systems (prEN 15316-4-2). Voting results of the last 5 standards are not yet published. All 15 prEN standards and technical reports should be available on REHVA website.

For CEN/TC 156, one of the most interesting CEN-EPB standards, prEN 16798-1 dealing with criteria for the indoor environment, is finally on CEN Enquiry.The enquiry was launched on 28 May and will close on 20 September 2015. For all other drafts prepared by TC 156, the CEN enquiry closed on 27 May 2015. According to the first news from the responsible CEN WG’s or national CEN members, the outcome of the enquiry indicates approval of all drafts, apart from prEN 16798-13 Calculation of cooling systems – Generation. For items most interesting to REHVA, prEN 16798-3 (revision of EN 13779) and prEN 16798-17 (inspection of airconditioning and ventilation systems), the outcome of the enquiry was mostly positive, but also major comments were given by several CEN members, especially on prEN 16798-3. The working groups in charge of the drafts have started to go through the comments, and it is foreseen that the final drafts will be completed well before the end of this year. 

ASERCOM’s Position on Proliferation of Refrigerants – Segmentation as a Crucial Factor for Success 

The heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry faces multiple challenges with the latest EU regulations coming into force. Several Ecodesign regulations require minimum efficiency performance standards for specific products. Those very same products are impacted by the HFC phase down of the new F-gas regulation (EU) No 517/2014. ASERCOM strongly supports the new legislation and their resulting environmental benefits. All ASERCOM members want to meet the regulatory challenges with reliable solutions for their components and products. As of 2017/2018 the phase down will restrict available quantities to 93% and 63% respectively. These percentages have to be lowered by another 11% of assumed import of pre-charged equipment into the EU. New product ranges have to show significant improvements in their energy efficiency. At the same time these products are required to use the lowest amount of refrigerant with the lowest possible Global Warming Potential (GWP). There are currently around 300 different refrigerants on the market, either established or under development. In analytical efforts to structure the HVACR products into relevant groups or segments there are often a minimum of 40-50 different segments defined. In addition these different segments need to be distinguished by a minimum of 3 climate ranges (cold, average, warm climate). ASERCOM believes that an appropriate segmentation is critical to success.

EU Project News

 neZEH at CLIMAMED 2015, 10-11 September, Juan-les-Pins, France 

REHVA will organise a workshop around the neZEH project during CLIMAMED 2015 on 10-11 September in Juan-les-Pins, France. The workshop High energy performance hotels on track to nearly zero energy buildings co-chaired by Stefano Corgnati, REHVA President-elect and by Theocharis Tsoutsos, neZEH Project Coordinator will present key result of the European project “Nearly Zero Energy Hotels (neZEH)”. 

More information and registration are available in the event website.
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International Events


10-11 September 2015, Juan-les-Pins, France
In order to tackle the steadily increase of energy consumption, the use of renewable energy is a must. Today, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are taking an important part of the total energy consumption of the buildings in our world. Harnessing renewable energy sources is crucial to limit the proliferation of greenhouse gas emissions. To provide answers to these challenges, AICVF, the French Association of Engineers in Climate, Ventilation and Refrigeration organises jointly with AICARR (Italy), APIRAC (Portugal), ATECYR (Spain) and TTMD (Turkey) its 8th Mediterranean Congress CLIMAMED with the main scope: Sustainable Energy Performance of Buildings. In addition to the presence of international speakers (engineers, architects, designers and manufacturers alike can share information and expertise), series of workshops will be organised, some of which specifically dedicated to aspects of the renovation of the existing financing and real estate. More information is available at the conference website.

CLIMA 2016

22-25 May - Aalborg, Denmark -
The 12th REHVA Congress will focus on building and HVAC system performance in practice:

  • In relation to fulfillment of the intended design
  • In relation to their ability to fulfil the needs of the occupants
  • In relation to their interaction with the users in daily practice
  • In relation to their role in the future smart energy system 

Important Dates
Abstract submission open in January 2015
Deadline abstract submission till November 2015 

Other HVAC events

ICR2015: The 24th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration
16-22 August 2015
Yokohama, Japan
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ISH Shanghai & CIHE 2015

23-25 September 2015
Shanghai, China
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20-23 October 2015
Dalian, China
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26-28 October 2015
Shanghai, China
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46th International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition
2-4 December 2015
Belgrade, Serbia
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For more HVAC events please check the REHVA Events Calendar on and also

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