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Newsletter Issue 6/2018

November 2018

REHVA Community news 


REHVA thanks all the participants for having attended the REHVA Brussels Summit 2018. Save the date for the next edition, that will take place on 4-5 November 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

Find here the pictures from the meetings and the Conference and here the Conference presentations.

CLIMA 2019: deadline for full-paper submission  extended

The 13th CLIMA World Congress, the leading international scientific congress in the field of Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), will be held from 26 till 29 May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. The 2019 edition will focus on the topic “Built environment facing climate change”. Preparations for CLIMA 2019 are in full swing. The deadline for the full-paper submission session was extended until 31st of December 2018. Click here for more information about the abstract submissions.
The organisers offer the possibility to promote research and know-how by organising a Workshop. The duration of each Workshop is 1,5-2 hours, and it may approach themes that are specific for the companies, institutions, associations or research groups that are holding it. If you are interested in purchasing one of the twenty Workshop slots available, contact Giulia Marenghi at

REHVA welcomes Matteo

Matteo Urbani has joined our REHVA team on 26th of November, as Assistant Project Engineer.
He is graduated as Energy Engineer in Italy. After an exchange semester at University of Boras, Sweden, and the Msc thesis on thermoelectrics power generation devices at DTU, Denmark, he graduated at University of Bologna in 2013.
After his graduation he has co-founded, at the beginning of 2014, a startup project on sustainable camping sites called Eldar Lab, whose aim was to introduce a new concept of zero-impact facilities in outdoor environments. More

EU Policy News

Latest updates by the Energy Performance of Buildings Committee of the European Commission on the revised EPBD

The Energy Performance of Buildings Committee of the European Commission met on 25 September 2018 to discuss on the major policy developments and key implementation issues under the revised EPBD. The main key points are following up:

  1. Latest policy developments;
  2. Transposition and implementation of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (2010/31/EU);
  3. Key implementation issues under the revised EPBD - presentation article by article followed by discussion;
  4. Upgraded implementation of Energy Performance Certificates: second exchange of good practices
  5. Update on finance issues;
  6. Synthesis Report on the assessment of Member States' long-term building renovation strategies;
  7. Update on the EU Buildings Observatory.

Please find the minutes of the meeting and more information here.

Building 4 People: Discovering the Impact of Better Buildings, by Buildings 2030

On 27 November 2018 at Scotland House in Brussels, the initiative Buildings 2030 organised an event to present a new study conducted by the Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) on “Quantifying the benefits of energy renovation investments in schools, offices and hospitals”. The study finds, among others, that a holistic-people-centric renovation of a typical office building can lead up to a 12% increase in productivity, as well as 2 weeks faster results on academic performances in schools and a 10% average reduced recovery time for hospitals patients.

The event gathered an excellent panel moderated by EuroACE director Adrian Joyce to discuss new approaches to healthy buildings, present innovative service models to deliver healthy and efficient buildings and comfort, and how to monetize health and well-being to convince policy makers to enforce health related requirements in building related legislation. Panelists from the European Commission and key stakeholders representing real-estate sector, health NGO’s, green buildings associations, and energy provider sectors were part of the discussion panel. Sylvain Robert, Policy Officer from DG Energy, addressed the need and the possibilities to include health benefits in the EU building regulation policies, such as an upcoming study on the inspection of standalone ventilation system, and an ongoing JRC study on how to integrate IEQ aspects in the European Building Observatory.

European Commission opened public consultations on Energy labelling for refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function

The European Commission published a draft delegated regulation on Energy labelling for refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function. Now, it is time for the industry and other stakeholders to participate in these open consultations period, which is available for 4 weeks, starting from 19 November 2018 until 17 December 2018.
The feedback will be taken into account for finalising this initiative. You can find a draft regulation together with the annex here.

EED, RED II and Energy Governance planned to be approved by the Council in December

The three main legislative files on the Energy Efficiency (EED), the Promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (RED II) and the Governance of the Energy Union, under the Clean Energy Package are most likely expected to get a final endorsement by the Transport, telecommunications and Energy Council, on December 3 and December 4.
As soon as the Council formally adopts all three regulations, EED, RED II and the Governance of the Energy Union will be published and enter into force the third day following publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.
The regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union will be directly applied in all member states. In the meantime, member states will have to adopt the new elements of the EED and RED II no later than 18 months after their entry into force.

European Parliament approved 2030 targets for the renewables and energy efficiency

On 13 of November, the European Parliament voted on the provisional agreements reached with the Council in June this year on the three important legislative files within the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package, such as Energy Efficiency Directive, Governance of the Energy Union and Promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.
The European Parliament approved non-binding energy efficiency targets of 32,5 %. On the other hand, the share of energy from renewables indicates a binding target to reach at least 32% of the EU's gross final consumption by 2030. In both cases, the targets are going to be renewed in 2023, but can only be raised and not lowered. More.

EU Project News

Join QUANTUM in the next BACS Academy webinar 

QUANTUM project coordinator Stefan Plesser gave a brilliant presentation (available here) at the REHVA Brussels Summit Conference (13/11), sharing his vision of the role of quality management in technical monitoring and how this quality control can by digitalized.
Next occasion to learn more about these topics is the BACS Academy free webinar "Building Commissioning, Ongoing Commissioning and Quality Management using BACS" on 3/12/2018 at 14.00 CET, featuring QUANTUM project. Register here!

Learn more about MPC in hybridGEOTABS buildings 

On 17 October, hybridGEOTABS and Energoklastr organised in Prague a workshop on Model Predictive Control. In case you missed it, you can watch the recordings online.
The same topic was brought on stage by Filip Jorissen at the REHVA Brussels Summit Conference (presentation available here), where he focused on the application of a white box approach to MPC applied to selected hybridGEOTABS case study buildings. Read more.

CEN-CE experts’ workshop

During the REHVA Brussels Summit, on 12 November 2018, CEN-CE organised the 1st stakeholders' workshop to introduce the CEN-CE training and qualification scheme. The event included live polling sessions and open discussion to investigate the interest for EPB-related trainings among over 50 participants representing building professionals and EU level stakeholders. Read more.

ALDREN training workshop 

In the context of the REHVA Brussels Summit, on 12 November, also ALDREN organised its first workshop. Through live polls and open discussion, the event provided stimulating insights about the interest of around 50 energy efficiency stakeholders to endorse the ALDREN certification scheme and how its contents are relevant for training building professionals. Read more.

TripleA-reno Project Meeting in Prague 

TripleA-reno consortium met up for its second project meeting on 15-16 November in Ljubljana, where the partners agreed on the strategic moves towards the set-up of an open gamified platform to foster building renovation with a people-centred approach.
Check out this introductory video and the first newsletter to get the project overview.

BIM-SPEED kicks off 

On 29-30 November in Brussels BIM-SPEED consortium officially kicked off the activities of this 4-year long H2020 project, that aims at developing an open BIM platform featuring BIM tools and standardised procedures able to support building renovation. Read more about the project in this REHVA Journal article.

Mobistyle at the REHVA Brussels Summit

A slot of the REHVA Brussels Summit Conference (13/11) was dedicated to showcase Mobistyle approach to boost energy conscious behaviours in buildings. Simona D’Oca gave an inspiring presentation (available here) making clear the complementary role of users and systems in the building ecosystem.  

Other news

REHVA European HVAC Journal issues

The REHVA Journal Issue 5/2018 on "BIM Building Information Modeling" is available online in PDF on the REHVA Website.

Please feel free to send your articles to in order to publish them on the next issues.

To read all REHVA Journals, please visit the REHVA Journal section in the REHVA website. Register online to get your hard copy of the REHVA Journal!

International Events

AHR Expo – 14-16 January 2019 – Atlanta, USA - website

The 2019 AHR Expo provides a unique forum for the HVACR community to come together and share new products, technologies, and ideas.  The AHR Expo is co-sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI.

Asian Conference on Indoor Environmental Quality – 1-2 February 2019 – New Delhi, India - website

ISHRAE, Society for Indoor Environment (SIE) & Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) together with IIT, Delhi is organising its first edition of ASIAN Conference on "Indoor Environmental Quality" which will take place in New Delhi, India on February 1st & 2nd, 2019.The conference aims to raise awareness and share resources towards better indoor environment.

European Energy Efficiency Conference: 27 February - 1 March 2019, Wels/Austria - website

Join more than 400 experts at the meeting place for the global energy efficiency community. The European Energy Efficiency Conference, part of the international conference World Sustainable Energy Days, features policies, technologies, innovation and market development and offers a unique combination of conferences and interactive events.

ACREX 2019 – 28 February-2 March 2019 – BEC, Mumbai, India – website

The 20th edition of this internationally coveted mega symposium created by ISHRAE, the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers. With more than 500 participating brands and over 50 000 attendees from across the industry itself, the event would also be enthusiastically attended by architects, consultants, specifiers, builders and academia who are looking forward to visit the amalgamation of engineering technologies under one roof.

Futurebuild – 5-7 March 2019 – ExCel, London, UK - website

Futurebuild 2019 is the industry’s event, bringing together opinion-shapers, decision-makers and product innovators to explore the latest thinking and debate the biggest issues facing the built environment – now and in the future. Whether you’re an architect, designer, consultant, housebuilder, energy or sustainable manager, Futurebuild 2019 will provide you with insight, innovation and inspiration in a packed three day programme including an exhibition of future-focused brands, a conference, seminars, workshops, showcases and much more! Secure a free ticket here.

Other HVAC events

Aquatherm Moscow
12-15 February
Moscow, Russia
More information

AiCARR International Conference “The human dimension of building energy performance”
20-22 February 2019
Venice, Italy
More information

WSED 2019
27 February-1 March 2019
Wels, Austria
More information

ISH 2019
11-15 March 2019
Frankfurt, Germany
More information

BET - Building Energy Technologies 2019
1-5 April 2019
Hannover, Germany
More information

teskon+Sodex 2019
17-20 April
Izmir, Turkey
More information

ISH China & CIHE
6-8 May
Beijing, China
More information

Building Simulation 2019 Conference
2-4 September 2019
Rome, Italy
More information

IAQVEC 2019: Healthy Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
5-7 September 2019
Bari, Italy
More information

ISK Sodex 2019
2-5 October 2019
Istanbul, Turkey
More information

AIVC 2019 Conference - From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate
15-16 October 2019
Ghent, Belgium
More information

For more HVAC events please check the REHVA Events Calendar on and also

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