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Newsletter Issue 2/2019

March 2019

REHVA Community news

On the road to CLIMA 2019: CLIMA Workshops and REHVA Courses

As CLIMA 2019 is soon approaching, REHVA would like to especially announce our REHVA courses and our first set of CLIMA 2019 Workshops. As the usual custom of REHVA at CLIMA 2019, we will be offering and organising several interactive workshops to our participants of CLIMA 2019 with the contribution of our partner associations, European research and innovation projects as well as our supporter companies whom represent leading HVAC manufactures and service providers.

The parallel workshops are split throughout the 3 days of the CLIMA congress, providing participants a wide choice of topics. REHVA will also be organising two courses this year which is due to open this week for registration to all participants. The REHVA Courses are split into two of our projects:

  • Course: "nZEB design: approach, principles and best practices"
  • Course: "How to design hybridGEOTABS buildings’ components"

These courses are targeted towards our practicing professionals as well as Master and PHD students.
For more information on our REHVA courses and workshops descriptions please click here. To register for the courses, please click here, and scroll down to 14 and 15 to book the course.

Highlights from the "REHVA-Day" at ISH Frankfurt

REHVA attended at the ISH 2019 in a new format by having a REHVA Forum space for a full-day event on the 14th March 2019. The main events were the QUANTUM Project Workshop and the REHVA Seminar about "Smart Buildings and Digitalisation in the Light of the EPBD", accompanied with networking events as the QUANTUM Lunch and the reHVAClub cocktail reception that closed the day. REHVA thanks all the speakers and participants who joined the REHVA Day at ISH 2019. The Speakers’ presentations from the Workshop and the Seminar are available on the REHVA website.

REHVA Awards handed out in Mumbai at ACREX 2019

During ACREX 2019 (Mumbai, 28 February – 2 March), the REHVA President-elect, Mr. Frank Hovorka, handed out two REHVA Awards. Maija Virta, REHVA Fellow and ISHRAE Member, has received a Professional Award in reason of her outstanding professional achievements and of her longstanding and constant contribution to the REHVA network. The second award was given to the ACREX organisers themselves: a REHVA Partner Organisation Award was awarded to ISHRAE and handed out to the ISHRAE President, Mr. Chandrasekaran Subramaniam and to Mr. Vishal Kapur, ISHRAE Immediate Past President, during the ACREX Award of Excellence ceremony. The Award was bestowed in reason of the establishment of continuing professional cooperation in the HVAC Sector.

EU Policy News

2nd SRI study: 1st stakeholder meeting, 26/03/2019 Brussels

DG Energy organised the 1st stakeholder meeting about the 2nd SRI study in Brussels on 26 March. The meeting attracted only few Member State representatives and many EU stakeholders. In the morning plenary session, speakers from the Commission and the study team presented the main tasks and the timing of the work. The technical work on the methodology started in the afternoon in two work groups:

  1. Calculation methodology (REHVA representative is Jarek Kurnitski)
  2. Value proposition and implementation (REHVA representative is Anita Derjanecz)

The policy consultations process begins later with the aim to draft the delegated act about the SRI by March 2020 despite the changing Commission. REHVA will follow the work within the SRI Advocacy Group (to be set up in the coming weeks) and within the TRC. We aim at proposing case study buildings for the testing of the methodology. REHVA Office will share a detailed report of the meeting and the proposed next steps with the Advocacy Group members and present the updates on its next TRC meeting on 26/04/2019.

Second stakeholder meeting on the review study of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling for space heating boilers and combination heaters taking place in April 2019

The European Commission has launched a review study of the Regulation on Ecodesign and Labelling requirements for space heaters and combination heaters since 2017. One of the main objectives of this rules is to improve the functioning of the internal market to ensuring availability of only complaint products.The latest updated drafts of the final task reports are published after the first stakeholder meeting in January 2018. Read more.

Global standardization

ISHRAE IEQ standard available for a public input by the end of April

In the year 2016, ISHRAE had released the first set of IEQ Standard: 10001-2016, which is defining three levels for various parameters, related to Indian context as well as combining global levels of the IEQ accordingly. This standard received a positive feedback, especially by many organisations including green building rating agencies. They applied it recommendations in the design practices and evaluation methods for quality of the IEQ. In addition to track and follow up with technological and market developments, a new committee was set up for reviewing and modifying the standard due to further updates. Read more.

EU Project News

QUANTUM Workshops at ISH and Futurebuild

A Quantum project workshop had been facilitated by REHVA at two events this year across Europe. One held in London at the FutureBuild exhibition on the 5th March, and one in Frankfurt at ISH on the 14th March 2019. Read more.

Consortium meeting, WSED Workshop and joint ALDREN workshop public session

3 EU project workshop sessions were held in Copenhagen and Wels this year. The 6th consortium meeting was held in Copenhagen on 25th-26th March, hosted by DTU, the HybridGEOTABS workshop at WSED - World Sustainable Energy Days, was held on 28th February, and the hybridgeotabs and EU H2020 funded project ALDREN held a joint workshop on 27th March in Copenhagen, hosted by DTU. Read more.

WSED Workshop and 3rd Consortium meeting

On February 28th, A joint ALDREN, CEN-CE and EPB Center workshop named the revised "EPBD" was held at WSED conference in Wels, on Thursday February 28th and a 3rd ALDREN consortium meeting was held in Copenhagen on 28th-29th March, hosted by DTU. Read more.

2nd Consortium meeting in Sophia Antipolis (Nice), France

BIM-SPEED 2nd consortium meeting will be held on 6th-7th May at Sophia Antipolis, Nice area, hosted by CSTB. After the first kick-off meeting held in Brussels, there will be the possibility for the partners to discuss about the results of the first semester of the project and the future goals.

TRI-HP - Kick-off Meeting in Brussels

REHVA is pleased to announce the start of a new project, TRI-HP that was launched on 21-22 March with a kick-off meeting in Brussels, hosted by REHVA. The goal of the project is the development and demonstration of flexible energy-efficient and affordable trigeneration systems based on a new approach for heat pump cycles.


On-line survey

TripleA-reno consortium has launched an on-line questionnaire to collect a large amount of data about households and measure the effectiveness of social influences of various motivation approaches. The questionnaire will consider age, gender, education, provenience, cultural background and other factors influencing habits and behaviors related to energy consumption. 

Other news

REHVA European HVAC Journal issues

The REHVA Journal Issue 1/2019 on "Highlights of the AIVC 2018 Conference & European Certification Programs of HVAC&R products" is available online in PDF on the REHVA Website.

The REHVA Journal special edition for ACREX in collaboration with Eurovent Certita Certification is also online in PDF.

Please feel free to send your articles to in order to publish them on the next issues. To read all REHVA Journals, please visit the REHVA Journal section in the REHVA website.

Apply now for the Heat Pump City of the Year Award!

The European Heat Pump Association invites you to participate in the Heat Pump City of the Year Award 2019. Apply now if you are part of a project which can show how to decarbonize cities’ residential, commercial and industrial sector with heat pumps! For more info, please check the website or contact Ms Serena Scotton.

Webinar: Field-Checking and Maintenance of HVAC Humidity and CO2 Sensors

All measurement devices, even those of the highest performance, will drift over time - it's only a question of how much and how quickly. Field-checking HVAC measurement sensors ensures that they provide accurate and reliable data, which reduces operating costs and saves energy. Listen to the webinar to learn more !

International Events

ISH China 2019 – 6-8 May 2019 – Beijing, China - website

ISH China & CIHE is the largest fair for the HVAC and plumbing industries in Asia. The 2019 edition will be held from 6 – 8 May at the New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. With the theme of “Exploring diverse HVAC and energy solutions: Clean, Comfortable, Innovative”, the fair will showcase a comprehensive collection of energy-saving heating, renewable energy heating, district energy solutions, control technologies, plumbing and home comfort systems.

ICR 2019 – 24-30 August – Montreal, Canada - website

Covering all fields of refrigeration, the 25th International congress of Refrigeration (ICR 2019), will take place on August 24-30, 2019 in Montreal (Canada). This key international meeting will be a unique opportunity for researchers and engineers from across the globe to meet and exchange.

Other HVAC events

BET - Building Energy Technologies 2019
1-5 April 2019
Hannover, Germany
More information

teskon+Sodex 2019
17-20 April
Izmir, Turkey
More information

Building Simulation 2019 Conference
2-4 September 2019
Rome, Italy
More information

IAQVEC 2019: Healthy Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
5-7 September 2019
Bari, Italy
More information

ISK Sodex 2019
2-5 October 2019
Istanbul, Turkey
More information

AIVC 2019 Conference - From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate
15-16 October 2019
Ghent, Belgium
More information

For more HVAC events please check the REHVA Events Calendar on and also

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