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Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency in schools - Part 1 Principles (GB13)By: REHVA

Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency in Schools Guidebook describes the optimal design and operation of schools with respect to low energy cost and performance of the students.

  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • Building performance calculation and simulation
  • Building performance management
  • IEQ
  • optimal design and operation
  • energy efficiency
  • student performance

Indoor Climate Quality Assesment - Evaluation of Indoor Thermal and Indoor Air Quality (GB14)By: REHVA

This REHVA Guidebook gives building professionals a useful support in the practical measurements and monitoring of the indoor climate in buildings.

  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • monitoring indoor climate in buildings
  • indoor climate quality assesment

HVAC in Sustainable Office Buildings - a bridge between owners and engineers (GB16)By: REHVA

This guidebook aims to build a bridge between the real estate community and the engineering community. It explains the challenges of property valuation based on real data and how the sustainability and HVAC-technology can have an impact on value.

  • Building valuation
  • nZEB, high performance buildings
  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • HVAC technology
  • sustainable buildings
  • monetising non-energy aspects of building performance

Mixing ventilation - Guidebook on Mixing Air Distribution Design (GB19)By: REHVA

In this guidebook most of the known and used in practice methods for achieving mixing air distribution are discussed. Mixing ventilation has been applied to many different spaces providing fresh air and thermal comfort to the occupants.

  • Ventilation systems
  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • mixing ventilation
  • thermal comfort
  • mixing air distribution design

Guide for standards and regulations on heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning (SRB01)By: SMEITS

This guide was primarily written for engineers ? designers and contractors, to whom the starting points of HVAC&R standards and regulations are sufficient. It is not merely a reprint of standards and regulations, but a review of their starting points and essence necessary for design and contracting approach. Only in cases of some ambiguity, it is necessary to look for a source material.

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • standards
  • regulations
  • HVAC&R

Handbook for moist air and compressed air (SRB51)By: SMEITS

The handbook provides a comprehensive review of and insight into the areas in which air is used as a working medium. In addition to fundamental postulates related to the properties and behaviour of air under pressure, the book presents the functions that can be achieved, such as: transformation of energy into mechanical work and energy transfer, management of technological operations and processes for information transfer and processing using appropriate means.

  • Ventilation systems
  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • moist air
  • compressed air

Clean rooms (SRB04)By: SMEITS

This book is the first step ? a theoretical insight into the clean room design problems.

  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • clean rooms

Engineering and technology in the function of the environmental protection (SRB46)By: SMEITS

This book is a result of one of the first major activities of the Society, and it was written within the project ?Education of the Population of the Republic of Serbia on Possibilities to Improve Environmental Protection by Applying New Technologies?, supported by the Fund for Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. It is intended for professionals of different engineering profiles who follow and monitor the development in this field, as well as for those who wish and need to learn today?s possibilities of environmental protection as the most important existential problem.

  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • environmental protection
  • engineering
  • technology

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