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12.02 Application of insulation in buildings and facilities. Practical casesBy: ATECYR

Describes examples of insulation of facade walls, roofs and screeds in new construction that affect the energy demand of buildings. Analyze its impact on energy certification. Includes examples of energy loss in distribution subsystems: pipes and ducts

  • Building envelope
  • Insulation
  • Buildings
  • Success cases
  • Certification

16.01 Quality criteria in the assembly of HVAC installationsBy: ATECYR

This is a help guide for the quality execution of the DHW and air conditioning installations. The chapters coincide with the phases of execution of a work. It considers compliance with quality standards (UNE, legal regulations, regulations and good practices).

  • Building performance management
  • Management
  • Execution
  • Work control

17.01 Economic analysis of efficient systems. Study of casesBy: ATECYR

The guidebook try to respond to the need of doing techno-economic viability analysis of Energy Saving Measures proposed by the European Directives. The document will serve as an explanation and motivation to attract investors to energy rehabilitation

  • Building valuation
  • Energy audits
  • Optimal cost
  • Life cycle

17.03 Project contents and technical reportBy: ATECYR

This document is written to help the application of the provisions of the current HVAC National requirements, deal with the technical documentation of design and dimensioning of thermal installations: Projects and Technical Memories

  • Building valuation
  • Project
  • Spanish Regulation
  • Thermal Installations

17.04 Instrumentation and measurementBy: ATECYR

The guidebook analyzes the different measuring instruments, equipment that provides temperature, pressure, flow, power, etc. All this measured data may be necessary to know the behaviour and efficiency of thermal installations, information necessary to know its operation.

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Fixed
  • Mobile
  • Measurement procedures

18.01 Energy Rehabilitation of the Thermal Envelope of BuildingsBy: ATECYR

The guidebook focuses on the development of proposals for the energy rehabilitation of buildings, within the scope of passive measures, affecting the building elements that make up the thermal envelope of the building.

  • Building envelope
  • Building
  • Architecture
  • Rehabilitation

18.03 Integration of Renewable Energy in the Rehabilitation of BuildingsBy: ATECYR

The guidebook analyzes the different possibilities of using renewable energies in the rehabilitation of buildings. The objective is to improve the energy efficiency, to reduce the consumption of primary energy of non-renewable origin and the CO2 emissions derived from the energy consumption.

  • Building performance management
  • Building
  • Renewable energies
  • Rehabilitation

18.04 Energy Audits. Practical casesBy: ATECYR

This guidebook is a "second part" of the Fundamentals of Energy Audits in Buildings, which describes how to carry out an energy audit in a hotel and an office building. It also describes the implementation of an energy management system according to the methodology described in ISO 50001.

  • Building valuation
  • Energy audits
  • Buildings
  • Success cases

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