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Quality Management for Buildings By: REHVA

Qualitätsmanagement für Gebäude - Guidebook n.29

  • Verbesserung
  • Gebäude-Perfomance
  • Technisches Monitoring
  • Inbetriebnahmemanagement

NZEB Design Strategies for Residential Buildings in Mediterranean Regions - Part 2 (GB31)By: REHVA

The aim of the guideline is to support, in a practical way, a design process for realizing Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) in the context of Mediterranean-climate, focusing more on the mechanical systems than on the building envelope, which has previously been treated in Part 1 (REHVA Guidebook No. 28).

  • nZEB, high performance buildings
  • Systems design
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • NZEB
  • Design Strategies
  • Residential Buildings
  • Mediterranean Regions

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