EU regulations

In this section one can find information related to the HVAC in buildings, that helps REHVA members and supporters to follow up all the EU regulations.

EU legislation
Legislative process, Parliament, Council, Commission, Committees, Directives, Decisions, Regulations, Policy documents, Important directives.

EPBD - Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Directives, Concerted action EPBD, BUILD UP, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, CEN Standards and EPBD, Cost efficiency

Eco-design of Energy related Products directive (ErP)
Scope of the directive, HVAC product groups (Lots), Products regulations, Preparation studies, 2012-14 working programme.

Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and repealing directives 2004/8/EC and 2006/32/EC
Scope of the directive, changes in the new directive, further information.

Renewable Energy Sources directive (RES)
(Renewable energy sources directive) Policy overview, Legislation overview, Further information and useful links.

Labelling of Products and Buildings
EU Eco-labeling criteria and Green Public Procurements for Products, EU Eco-label and Green Public Procurement for Buildings.

Indoor Environmental Quality
Outdoor air quality, Environmental noise,  Indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

Standards and standardization
What is CEN, what is ISO? Who can participate in standardization? What is a "harmonized European standard"? How a European standard is prepared? What is "EN ISO" Standards? EPBD standards
Most relevant CEN Technical Committees to HVAC

F-Gas regulations

Regulation, Confinement of fluorinated gases,  Labelling, Staff training and certification.

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