“Building commissioning in Europe”

  • When: 27 May 2019
  • Where: Bucharest, Romania
  • Event type: Workshop

Venue: National Library of Romania, Bulevardul Unirii 22, București 030833
Meeting room: GM-10 Room

Workshop no. 7, CLIMA 2019

Organiser: QUANTUM
Chairs: Stefan Plesser, Ole Teisen
Speakers: Stefan Plesser, IGS TU Braunschweig; Jan Mehnert, IGS; Ole Teisen, Sweco; Manuel Krempl, E7; Cormac Ryan, CoPilot

New buildings and deep retrofits with their sophisticated systems for heating, cooling and air conditioning are rather complicated technical systems. Especially building automation and control systems with their new IT-protocols and technical requirements have added complexity to building projects. Apparently, they are a huge challenge to designers, engineers, construction companies and facilities managers. As a consequence, the performance gap appeared: buildings do not work as intended and miss their initial performance targets in operation. This is doubly costly: first, design and construction cause additional cost and then, later, operation cost are also higher than expected.

A solution to this problem can be found in other industries: quality management. In engineering, “quality” describes the degree, to which a set of inherent characteristics of an object fulfills requirements. In short: a building owner should get what he pays for!

Consequently, “quality management” is a process of supporting the fulfillment of requirements. Over the last years, two services have evolved as reliable quality management services and are becoming increasingly popular: Technical Monitoring and Commissioning.

The workshop will present the current stage of quality management for building performance. It addresses especially building owners, engineers, facility management and contracting companies with their individual perspective on quality.

This workshop is part of the project ‘QUANTUM – Quality management for building performance’ and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 680529.

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