• Regular information on EU directives, regulations and standards tailored for members.
  • Active participation in REHVA General assembly. Invitation to the REHVA  Annual Conference and Annual meeting.
  • Active participation in REHVA committees.
  • Active participation in REHVA Task Forces.
  • The REHVA Newsletter focusing on new EU policy and regulations for our Members.
  • 2 paper copies of the REHVA Journal.
  • Invitation to REHVA Seminars.
  • Access to the energy experts network and ventilation experts network.
  • reHVAClub events (at Annual Conference, REHVA seminars, cocktails, etc.) organised for Supporters with speakers from the European Commission and EU level stakeholder organizations
  • One free copy of each REHVA Guidebook and Report and 50% discount on list price of extra copies
  • Access to restricted online services: eGuidebooks, HVAC Terminology, EU Policy Tracking, REHVA Committee documents, workshops and courses videos.
  • Promotion on the REHVA website -
  • Link of the REHVA Member eShop, if any, on the REHVA Website