The REHVA Manifesto (find more here HERE), drafted by the REHVA Policy and Advocacy Group (EUPAG) under the leadership of Johann Zirngibl, REHVA vice president and EPB Center Board Director, was sent out to more than 60 lead candidates, both at European level as well as in Member States. It garnered positive feedback from them, showcasing REHVA's continuous efforts for a healthier, more sustainable, and more efficient Europe.

Furthermore, to achieve the broadest possible dissemination REHVA Members put effort into translating the manifesto into other EU official languages, including French, German, Italian, Romanian and Slovak, so far.

Securing endorsement for the manifesto just a week before the elections was an ambitious endeavour. Typically, approval of such a document necessitates thorough consultation and clear positioning from the parties on all proposed measures. Despite this, many candidates endorsed the manifesto, even without formally signing it before the elections, whilst others have already signed the manifesto, demonstrating their commitment to its principles. Impressively, several candidates have vowed to integrate the REHVA proposal into their Commission Work Programme for the forthcoming mandate marking a significant achievement for REHVA and reinforcing its objectives for a healthier, more energy-efficient, and sustainable Europe.

The REHVA manifesto marks the initial phase of establishing connections with Members of Parliament, with subsequent steps involving engagement at both European and national levels to further discuss its principles. This effort is crucial to demonstrate REHVA's vision for upcoming EU legislation and to collaborate constructively in the implementation procedures of ongoing files, such as the EPBD.

Collaboration with REHVA member associations is vital to achieving these objectives. Thus, Additional REHVA members and supporters interested in joining the REHVA EUPAG Group are encouraged to contact Policy and Advocacy Officer Francesco Robimarga HERE.

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