On 18 May the European Commission has released details on how it aims to implement REPowerEU, a €300 billion plan to eliminate Russian gas imports by 2027. This includes a package of communications, strategies and legislative proposals.

The most notable document is the proposal to amend the EPBD, RED II & the EED (on top of the amendments proposed for these Directives under Fit for 55 in 2021) with the aim to accelerate the roll-out of renewables and increase the energy efficiency target:

  • EPBD: New article 9a added to accelerate the deployment of solar energy installations in buildings. Member States should ensure to deploy solar energy installations on all new public & commercial buildings with useful floor area larger than 250 square meters from 2027 onwards and the same on existing buildings of this type from 2028 onwards. From 2030 all new residential buildings should also have these installations.
  • EED: The energy efficiency target for 2030 is increased from 9% to 13% compared to the projections of the 2020 Reference Scenario
  • RED II: The 2030 target for the share of renewables is proposed to be increased to 45% (in comparison to the 40% proposed under Fit for 55). In addition there are articles added to simplify and shorten the permit-granting process of renewable energy projects, which are proposed to be recognised  as 'overriding public interest'. To implement this, Member States shall established dedicated 'go-to' areas for renewables where the permit-granting process is simplified and shorting (the process cannot exceed 1 year). Also permit-granting processes outside these areas should not exceed 2 years. This is complemented with a Recommendation document on speeding up the permit-granting process.

Another relevant document for the building industry that was released is the EU Solar Strategy which sets the objective to double solar PV capacity in the EU by 2025 and install 600 GW by 2030. It includes a chapter on "Solar value for buildings and industry", linking the obligation for Member State to install more solar PV with the 'zero-emission building' objective in the EPBD. 

It is also useful to have a look at the staff working document that is accompanying the REPowerEU Communcation, which provides an overview of the updated 2030 targets of REPowerEU in comparison to Fit for 55 and the investment needs to accomplish the new REPowerEU targets.




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